Lent Bumps 2012 – Reports

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Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2012 – Results

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M1 -2
W1 -2
M2 0
W2 -4
M3 +1


Race Reports


Wednesday: 6th in Division 1. Rowed Over

The race began with a punchy start immediately pulling away from Trinity Hall, settling into a nice rhythm coming into First Post. We moved well around First Post and maintained good pressure on Queens’ who stayed on station. We lost speed coming round Grassy and through Plough Reach, allowing Queens’ to pull away slightly. Pushing off Ditton allowed us to regain speed and put in some good rowing for the second half of the race leading to a solid row over about 2 ½ lengths behind Queens’.

Scott Warden, Men’s Captain

Thursday: 6th in Division 1. Rowed Over

Day 2 showed the crew step up a notch and put in a strong race pushing off Jesus. This led to a second row over, executing the race plan well and putting a significant gap between us and Jesus of 4-5 lengths, and finishing closer to Queens’ than on Day 1.

Scott Warden, Men’s Captain

Friday: 7th in Division 1. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Jesus

The crew geared up for a third consecutive row over, with a very fast start and an improved section around Grassy and the Plough. Jesus pushed the crew hard but we executed the race plan as on the previous days, pushing out of Ditton and setting up a long and strong rhythm for the Long Reach. Unfortunately the crew suffered a crab just before the railway bridge and subsequently were bumped by Jesus. The quality of rowing was good, with only an unfortunate incident ending our Day 3.

Scott Warden, Men’s Captain

Saturday: 8th in Division 1. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Peterhouse

The crew set out to retake the bump from Day 3, and once again put in a solid start to the race into windier conditions. The race plan as before was executed well, with the expectation to catch Jesus towards the end of the Long Reach. A fast Peterhouse crew were to cut our campaign short as they caught up on us quickly around Ditton and eventually we conceded near the Railings after a well fought side-by-side race.

Scott Warden, Men’s Captain


Tuesday: 2nd in Division 1. Rowed Over

Wednesday: 3rd in Division 1. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Emmanuel

Thursday: 4th in Division 1. DOWN 1 – Bumped by First and Third

Friday: 4th in Division 1. Rowed Over


Tuesday: 10th in Division 2. UP 1 – Bumped Wolfson

Buoyed by some really good training, M2 were feeling confident about our chances bumping Wolfson but with a crew half full of novices there were certainly some nerves at the start, and we knew it would not be easy. Nevertheless, a rapid start ensured we gained a whistle on our last wind stroke and a second soon followed. At this point, the choppy water and anticipation of the bump led to technique dropping off a bit, but we soon regained our composure and closed in, getting the bump just after First Post Corner.

Arun Lobo, 2-seat

Thursday: 10th in Division 2. Rowed Over

After an easy bump on Wolfson on Tuesday, today was looking much harder. LMBC II ahead of us were out for revenge after missing out on a bump on Jesus II due to a controversial re-row, so we were looking for a quick bump on them before they caught Sidney I, or failing that an overbump on Jesus II. A characteristic nippy start from us saw the distance between us and LMBC fall but, as they got whistles on Sidney, they began to pull away and bumped out pretty quickly at First Post Corner. The call to stride came just before this, and an excellent line through First Post Corner by Victoria ensured we were clear of the carnage to begin attacking Jesus for the overbump. A spirited row saw us close on them by 2.5-3 lengths by the start of the reach, but after that we began to tire and they started to pull away from us. Nevertheless we kept pushing them all the way to the top finish, and gave a performance we could all be proud of.

Arun Lobo, 2-seat

Friday: 10th in Division 2. Rowed Over

As we had rowed the longest Bumps course possible (station 10 to mens’ top finish) yesterday, we were glad that today looked like a relatively easy bump on Sidney. A punchy start led to the first whistle at First Post Corner, but then LMBC II ahead of Sidney bumped Jesus II so Sidney reaped the advantages of clear water and the chase got harder. Between the Gut and the start of the Long Reach we maintained a position between 1/2 to 3/4 of a length away from Sidney, closing on them slightly in the corners, but halfway down the reach we started to feel yesterday’s long row in our legs and they pulled away slightly.

Arun Lobo, 2-seat

Saturday: 11th in Division 1. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Homerton

With the disappointment of not catching Sidney on Friday, we were determined that the same would not happen today. An aggressive race plan was formulated involving not striding and maintaining a blistering rate until we bumped. This translated into a lightening start and steadily gaining whistles. By Grassy Corner we had overlap on Sidney and according to spectators in five seconds we would have got the bump. However, at this point Jesus II crashed into the bank and Sidney rowed past for an easy bump. Still, the race went on for us, but as we turned round Ditton Corner and into the headwind on Long Reach our fatigue and inexperience began to show as we both technically and physically fell apart. As Homerton started gaining on us there was a push back from the crew, but it felt as if each man was trying to move the boat on their own, and the inevitable happened and we conceded half way down the reach.

Arun Lobo, 2-seat


Tuesday: 12th in Division 2. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Hometon

Wednesday: 13th in Division 2. DOWN 1 – Bumped by First and Third II

Thursday: 14th in Division 2. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Christ’s II

Friday: 15th in Division 2. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Anglia Ruskin


Tuesday: 7th in Division 4. Technical Row-Over

Wednesday: 6th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Christ’s III

Thursday: 7th in Division 4. DOWN 1 – Bumped by Christ’s III

Saturday: 6th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Christ’s III