Lent Bumps 2020 Reports

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Men’s Crews


Women’s Crews


M1Wednesday: Bumped Downing I
After rowing through 4 times behind Downing last year M1 returned with determination to get the bump. Although we did not have the best start, we gained our first whistle in the gut, and from there on we knew we are not going to let them get away. With perfect execution of our race plan, we slowly reeled Downing in, and caught them around Ditton.

Thursday: Technically bumped by Downing I
Due to incident before racing.

Friday: Bumped Downing I
M1 returned with determination for a good race after the setback yesterday. With amazing support from PCBC alumnus John Hughes, we had a good warmup. Our start was much better than on day 1 and whistles started coming before first post corner. We did not let them get away, and swiftly bumped coming out of grassy.

Saturday: Bumped Caius I
M1 had an amazing last day. Despite the strong stream and headwind, we had a really quick start and the first whistle came in 20s. From then on there was no stopping and overlap was achieved coming out of grassy. Caius put up a good fight, but it was over by the plough. With this M1 is now second on the river, highest in lents since 1990.
W1Wednesday: Bumped First and Third I
W1 made a great start to their bumps campaign in a hard-fought race. They managed to get a whistle on First and Third pretty quick off the start, whilst also being unfazed by Clare’s whistles behind them. With some beautiful lines round the corners and big pushes, W1 pulled away from Clare and gained inch by inch on FaT, bumping them on the reach.

Thursday: Rowed Over
After a slightly nervy start, W1 found a strong rhythm for their second race. Building on yesterday’s experience they knew they could avoid being caught by FaT and moved away smoothly past the Plough. Maintaining this discipline down the long reach they rowed over confidently, and are looking forward to chasing the bump on Maggie again tomorrow.

Friday: Rowed Over
W1 went into today with confidence, knowing that they had both stamina and strength. As expected, Clare came up fast, and had overlap out of grassy. However, W1’s grit and determination never wavered and they cruised away, breaking Clare’s spirit and finishing a strong row over several lengths ahead of them. They still have Maggie in their sights for the final race tomorrow.

Saturday: Rowed Over
Today W1 were keen to keep up the momentum of the previous two days. With Clare chasing them again, the crew knew they would have no issues escaping them, and kept them further away than yesterday. With lots of experience training in tough conditions, the headwind did not shake the crew, and they maintained station on Maggie in front all the way to top finish. With this the crew finishes at an impressive 6th on the river, having gone up 1, and are immensely proud of their achievement.
M2Tuesday: Bumped by Homerton I
M2 had a tough position in the draw, behind a speedy FaT M2 and in front of an even speedier Homerton M1. They had a good start, and made small gains on FaT while they kept Homerton on station as they came down from the lock into First Post corner. At this point there was little more left in the tank to keep out a formidable Homerton, but the boat held out for an impressive distance and only conceded on Ditton.

Thursday: Rowed Over
After a strong effort of holding off Homerton yesterday before being bumped on Ditton, M2 managed to hold them at two lengths consistently throughout the row over, with a solid rhythm. Emma M2 offered a challenge, gaining one whistle on us coming into First Post Corner, but we held them off and walked away from them on the Reach.

Friday: Rowed Over
Following a strong start, M2 gained one whistle on Homerton M1 coming onto First Post Reach and fought to reel them in. Unfortunately, they were quick to bump out coming around the corner, so we settled into a sustainable rhythm for our second row over of bumps.

Saturday: Bumped Jesus II
M2 secured our long awaited bump on the last day, bumping Jesus M2 just round Ditton corner. With a strong, rapid start, we quickly gained one whistle and built up momentum to gain another half a length coming into the gut. We were overlapping coming round Grassy, however had to fight a little harder to secure the bump as Jesus fought back. Regaining three whistles past the Plough, we heard the sweet sound of the bell just around Ditton. It was a bump that was well and truly earnt!
W2Tuesday: Bumped St Catharine’s II
W2 got their bumps campaign off to the perfect start, bumping St Catz W2 in less than 30 strokes! With 8 members of the crew competing in their first bumps (including our cox – who handled the entire situation incredibly well despite the chaos!), it was a fantastic introduction to the thrill of bumping. They are chasing St Edmunds tomorrow.

Wednesday: Rowed Over
W2 made it through a tough day with a really gutsy row over. Holding off St Catz with ease, despite another really impressive start St Edmunds W1 proved just out of reach. They will get another chance to chase them down on Friday!

Friday: Rowed Over
Pembroke W2 built on their strong start earlier in the week with another solid row over. Despite awful conditions, with many of the crew remarking their hands were frozen to their blades, W2 maintained a strong rhythm throughout, just missing out on bumping St Edmunds but were under no threat at any point from boats further down the division. They chase Maggie W2 tomorrow.

Saturday: Rowed Over
W2 battled strong winds to make it to an impressive 3rd row over, meaning they finish their bumps campaign on +1, following that spectacular bump on day 1. The W2 mentality of battling through to the end was on full display, and all the girls can be incredibly proud of their efforts this term.
M3Tuesday: Bumped Darwin II
M3 also had a great first day, bumping Darwin M2 in the gut. After a quick start, where they gained one whistle (in less than 30 seconds)!!, a crab out of nowhere caused the boat to grind to a halt. Nevertheless, M3 picked it back up and managed to avoid Magdalene M3 who were snapping at their heels from behind. Over the next couple of minutes they gained gradually on Darwin, and a well earned bump sets them up well for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: Bumped Selwyn II
Another good day for M3, who today were chasing Selwyn 2. A strong start, followed by an even stronger rhythm call allowed them to make up ground very quickly on Selwyn, with the bump over and done with in about a minute. Now they are chasing Downing 3.

Thursday: Rowed Over
An unlucky day for M3, as they missed out on the bump by a fraction. They made early gains on downing M3, and were on 2 whistles by the gut. However, Downing were also gaining on Wolfson M2, and just managed to bump them before Pembroke secured the bump. A solid row over today sets them up well for Saturday, where they will be chasing Wolfson M2.

Saturday: Bumped Wolfson II
M3 were determined to finish their week on a high, as they chased Wolfson M2. After the disappointment of thursdays row over, the crew picked themselves back up and started strongly, making huge gains on Wolfson up First Post reach, eventually bumping them on first post corner. Up three is the best result a Pembroke third Lents boat has had in a long time, and the crew should be really proud of what they have achieved this term!