May Bumps 2023 – Reports

Published by El Stiles on

Though saddened to go down in May Bumps (ending in the sixth place they started last year’s campaign) it’s hard not to be proud of the rows they gave, truly leading the men’s squad from the front in their guts, commitment and dedication; not just in their 4 gutsy rows this Bumps campaign, but throughout the term, this eclectic mix of 9 young men gave their all in every session, and their spirit will remain with the lower boats of PCBC for years to come!

Despite their prior dominance over the boats of the second division, M2 were only able to gain a single bump this campaign (on Sidney Sussex M1); the chaos of the lower second division led to re-rows, over bumps and slower crews ahead getting caught far too quickly. This resulted in Emmanuel M2 escaping us for 3 days straight, despite getting within a canvas on each day/re-row. The crew came in incredibly young (5 freshers this term) and matured immensely over the term. Now, all 8 eight rowers are staying on for next year, which bodes incredibly well for the senior boats of Michaelmas 2023.

Sadly, in Bumps, a series of unfortunate events followed. On the first day we got an overlap of a bowball on FaT M3’s cox, but they refused to concede without us making contact, and Kings M2 came from behind to bump us. The second day came and a bump in front caused carnage and a tricky corner, followed by receiving another bump. Lucy Cav M1 got us on the third day, and more carnage on the fourth led to the final result of spoons. However, with 6 new rowers this year in M3, all keen to stay on, the senior boats will be strong come next year.

M4 successfully completed the getting on race in a time unimaginable at the beginning of the term and were all set for Bumps! Their bumping campaign went off to an unlucky start. Despite getting within a canvas of Kings M3 two days in a row, both days were stopped before first post corner and awarded a technical row-over! Unfortunately, Kings M3, terrified of the speedy Pembroke M4 behind them, didn’t show up to Date 3! This meant Clare Hall got a technical bump up and left a gap of 11 boat lengths to Cauis M4. Pembroke were not disheartened though and hungry for a bump, chased Cauis all the way to the finish, closing the gap to just 3 lengths. Finally on day 4, Pembroke had their opportunity to bump and bumped Kings M3, bringing the term to a fairy tale finale for them!

Unfortunately, W1 were faced with many challenges and blows from injury this Mays season, which led to last-minute changes in the crew. Despite the unfortunate result of Bumps in which the crew went down 3, to end up 7th on the river, they came together as well as they could and gave it their all every day, coming away with a positive attitude all around. They have made us all proud and we hope to see them return to the river as ready as ever come Michaelmas term. 

W2’s dedication and hard-work resulted in some excellent results this term. The crew coped well with changes due to injury, putting in 100% effort during a stressful term. This effort translated into success with their three bumps during May’s. Their Bumps campaign cemented their position in Division 2 and has set up future W2 crews for further success. They have made the whole club incredibly proud!

W3 came on leaps and bounds this term, with the introduction of some promising Easter term novices to the club. After a few falls down the stairs, ejector crabs, and general boat club chaos, the crew came together wonderfully and gave it their all during bumps. We can’t wait to see how the crew use their experience from this term on the river next year!