Each year, PCBC elects a new committee at its AGM, which takes place the day after Mays Boat Club Dinner, as is tradition. The majority of the committee are members of the student body, and work hard to ensure that PCBC provides a fun and friendly environment. Please direct any enquiries to the relevant committee member – details will be in the ‘Contact’ tab.

A Note from our Captain of Boats:

My name is Esyllt, and I am very much looking forward to being PCBC’s overall captain for the year ahead. I am a final year undergraduate student studying Human, Social and Political Sciences, and I have had the pleasure of rowing with PCBC since my second year and taking the role of women’s captain last year. Prior to starting my studies at Cambridge, I rowed at a local club in Cardiff for a few years. My time here at Cambridge has undoubtedly been enriched by joining PCBC, and I know the same can be said for many others. This manifests not only in the joy of the sport, but also in the friends and memories we make along the way. I look forward to making PCBC a welcoming club and to see others find joy in our community, whether they have never tried rowing before or are racing with the first boats. The atmosphere of camaraderie and inclusivity within the club is something that I wish to maintain, on the Cam and beyond! I feel very fortunate to continue the long legacy of PCBC and to lead a wonderful committee as we hope for another successful and exciting year!

The Senior Committee

President Sir Richard Dearlove

Senior Treasurer Dr Johannes Kromdijk

Boatman Kevin Bowles Esq.

Head Coach Seb Matthews

Womens/NB Side Captain
Eleanor Stiles

Overall Captain
Esyllt Parry-Lowther

Mens/NB Side Captain
Tom Wallace

Womens/NB Vice Captain
Gemini McKee

Makar Valentinov

Mens/NB Vice Captain
Peter Graham

Alex Drane

Oliver Burchell

Womens/NB LBC
Valeria Badham

Junior Treasurer
Aidan Reilly

Womens/NB LBC
Giorgia Brigatti

Social Secretary
Oliver Crofts

Omer Elchanan

Regatta Secretary
Jude Crawley

Kit Officer
Arden Berlinger

Sponsorship and Alumni
Toby Lovick

Sponsorship and Alumni
Angus Clelland