Financial Information

Finance Information

  • Membership each term is £22.50. You can try out rowing at the start of each term and you are only charged membership if you continue rowing throughout the term and/or make use of boat club subsidies. 
  • You need no special clothes to try out rowing but most people who take up the sport choose to invest in a unisuit and a few other basic items of clothing.
  • All boats, blades and other essential equipment are owned and paid for by the boat club.
  • Race entry fees are also covered by the boat club. 

When buying anything that is subsidised:

  • First, check you are definitely eligible by contacting your captain and/or the boat club treasurer.
  • Make sure you keep your receipt. You must email this to the treasurer in order to be reimbursed.

Available Boat Club Subsidies:

  • Some essential kit is too expensive for us to expect you to buy. This kit will be subsidised by the boat club to make it more affordable. The exact amount subsidised varies year on year depending on the price of the kit.
  • If your training plan involves weight sessions, you will need to get a gym membership. The boat club will subsidise the cost of a gym membership up to £15 per month. Gym memberships that are not actively used will not be reimbursed.
  • During the holidays, if you wish to continue training the boat club will also partially subsidies your gym membership. You are eligible to be reimbursed either half the cost or £15 per month, whichever is lower.
  • British rowing memberships are essential to race at some of the year’s biggest races (e.g. WEHORR and HORR on the tideway in London). These are fully subsidised by the boat club for those competing at such events.
  • Physio treatment is subsidised at a rate of £30 per session. In order to be eligible for reimbursement, rowers must agree with their captain and coach that physio is needed to treat their injury.
  • While training with a heart rate monitor is not a necessity, some people may feel that using one is an asset and will allow them to take their training to the next level. For those who feel they will make good use of a heart rate monitor, the boat club will reimburse members of the first 2 boats for half the cost or £15, whichever is lower.