The Pembroke College Boat Club Association

The Pembroke College Boat Club Association brings together alumni of Pembroke College Cambridge who have rowed during their time here, whether it was for one term in Michaelmas first year, or every day throughout their degree. Our goal is to keep alumni in the loop of all things PCBC and create opportunities for them to come back and watch current crews, participate in rowing events, and even purchase stash if they so desire. 

Each year the Pembroke College Boat Club Association holds a formal dinner, which in 2022 was held on the evening of the Pembroke Regatta on 19 February. All members of the Club, from all years, are warmly invited to attend. For information, please email the sponsorship and alumni representatives, Lily Young and Jasmine Lee.

We hope to involve more alumni in the strategy and planning of the Boat Club to raise the general support for PCBC to a level to rival any other College on the river.

The PCBC Association was launched with a view to keeping former members of the Boat Club informed of the activities of the PCBC, involving an increasing number of them in its strategy and planning and raising the general support for the PCBC to a level to rival any other College on the river.

If you would like to know more about the Association then please contact the Sponsorship and Alumni representatives at

We have also prepared newsletters for alumni to keep up to date with the progress of our crews in races (especially Bumps) every term. Click the button below for the most recent newsletters.

For old times’ sake, here’s a link to the 2004-2006 PCBC website! It has lots of pictures on, including one of the First Women’s VIII boat burning after winning headship –