Lent Bumps 2023

Published by El Stiles on

At the end of the term, PCBC took to the Cam for the Lent bumps, it should be noted that the Friday of Bumps was cancelled for all crews due to weather, with the following day cancelled for lower divisions due to safety concerns. 

In a campaign plagued by illness, M1 pulled hard, taking their opponents up to Ditton Corner and the Reach whilst putting pressure on Downing M1 for the re-bump (but sadly ending just a foot off) with an unfortunate -3 overall result that they look to overturn in Mays with more water time, more experience, and more racing!

W1 improved throughout the course of bumps, rowing better and more together as the days went by. Despite being bumped the first two days, W1 used the cancellation of day 3 to recover and returned to the Cam with a feisty row over to end their Campaign.

M2 had a strong campaign, storming the first day with a bump in 25 strokes. Day two brought a sad row over after the over-bumping Wolfson caught the over-bumped Sidney. After day 3 was cancelled due to weather, M2 returned as strong as ever with a 20 stroke bump to catch Sidney, finishing on a net positive of two!

For many in W2, this was their first Bumps campaign – despite the lack of experience, they approached the races with enthusiasm and excitement. The crew really enjoyed it, but were against some tough competition, being bumped on day one by Downing W2 and on day two by Wolfson W1. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather, their final two days of racing were cancelled. W2 was disappointed that they didn’t have the opportunity for a revenge bump or the chance to show Caius W2 that they wouldn’t be an easy catch. Nevertheless, W2 are looking forward to May Bumps. They finished Lent Bumps at second in the 3rd division.