Lent Bumps 2011 – Reports

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Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2011 – Results

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M1 -2
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M3 +4

Videos of all this week’s races are available on Girton College Boat Club’s You Tube Channel.
(All credit to Girton for such a useful resource – thanks guys!)

Race Reports


Wednesday: 5th in Division 1. Bumped by Caius

Thursday: 5th in Division 1. Rowed Over

Friday: 5th in Division 1. Rowed Over

Saturday: 6th in Division 1. Bumped by Queens’


Wednesday: 5th in Division 1. Rowed Over

Thursday: 4th in Division 1. Bumped Christ’s

Friday: 3rd in Division 1. Bumped First and Third

Saturday: 2nd in Division 1. Bumped Emmanuel


Tuesday: 13th in Division 2. UP 1 – Bumped Queens’ II

M2’s starting position was 14th. Queens’ II were in front and Christ’s II behind. M2 got a good start and built to rate of 42 before the first stride, a second stride at the motorway followed by push off the bridge brought the rate down to a sustainable 33 but by lengthening out good boat speed was maintained. Good strong rowing down first post reach brought the boat within a quarter of a length of Queens’ by first post corner. In front of Queens’, Homerton bumped Corpus on the entrance to the gut which resulted in some quite difficult steering to avoid Homerton whom had not had the chance to clear. Queens’ went a little wide which let M2 close the gap further. An eight man push in the gut gave the crew a well earned bump on Queens’ II before Grassy corner.

Douglas Phillips
Cox, M2

Thursday: 12th in Division 2. UP 1 – Bumped Corpus Christi

A good row down settled the crew after a day off yesterday. M2 got an excellent start and went quickly into a strong rhythm after the second stride. Corpus had lost three quarters of a length by the motorway and although they tried to push away at the gun shed were still quickly caught, being bumped halfway down 1st post reach.

Douglas Phillips
Cox, M2

Friday: 11th in Division 2. UP 1 – Bumped Homerton

The Cam provided good flat water and sunshine for the racing today. A sensible row down allowed us to prepare well and get in some decent high-rate bursts. When the gun went off, M2 made a good solid start and quickly got into the race. There were one or two stumbles going down first post reach, but we quickly got back into the action with the boat only losing half a length on Homerton. The gap was swiftly drawn back to a length by the gut and at grassy we kept a good tight line to the left. Homerton went wide and hit the bank giving M2 an easy bump without contact being necessary.

Douglas Phillips
Cox, M2

Saturday: 11th in Division 1. Rowed Over whilst chasing Wolfson

With the threat of Homerton behind seeking revenge and the goal of Wolfson in front, M2 got off to a really good start taking the second stride at the motorway bridge. M2 slowly closed to within a length on Wolfson by 1st post corner. All the crews got through 1st post and grassy without incident. M2 closed the gap further on Wolfson to within about half a length by Ditton. Wolfson went slightly wide on Ditton corner which brought M2 to within three whistles. Wolfson pushed hard down the reach which M2 managed to match, but despite all efforts by the crew, M2 were unable to close the last two or three feet to be able to make the bump. Homerton drove hard in their quest for revenge and pushed right to the finish line but ended up rowing over behind M2. A good race by all three crews who gave it everything right to the line.

Douglas Phillips
Cox, M2

M2 Saturday Race Video (click the link to YouTube for a high-definition version):


Tuesday: 12th in Division 2. Rowed Over

On what was the first ever day of bumps for most of our crew, we were more than a little nervous rowing down to our station (12th in the division). However, Kev pushed us out at the perfect angle and the start went according to plan. After a few jittery strokes, we settled into our rhythm nicely, and benefitted from Kat’s experience in stroke, as well as Lizzie’s great coxing calls. Unfortunately, in front of us Corpus bumped Homerton very quickly, and the four boats ahead of them also bumped out early on, so there wasn’t anybody left for us to chase (triple overbumps being pretty rare!). We had a good solid row over though, with no boats troubling us from behind, and gained confidence in the knowledge that we could in fact survive this eventuality!

Emily Maw

Thursday: 13th in Division 2. Bumped by Lucy Cavendish

On our second day, we were more confident that we knew what we were doing, and we had our usual stroke, Izzy, back. Keen not to let the boys show us up, we were hoping to bump Homerton. We gained a whistle on them off the start, but an unlucky overhead crab just afterwards meant that we lost our momentum and were soon bumped by Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall.

Emily Maw

Friday: 13th in Division 2. Technical Row Over

Friday was a beautifully sunny day, and we came back determined to bump up. Tactically it was difficult: if Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall bumped Homerton before we caught them (likely), we wanted to (optimistically) go for the overbump on Corpus, whilst keeping well ahead of the pursuing First and Third crew who knocked us out of Pembroke Regatta. We had a good start, and Lucy Cavendish/Hughes Hall did indeed bump Homerton very quickly, but the two boats did not clear the river. We went ploughing into the Lucy Cavendish/Hughes boat, forcing their cox to leap onto stroke’s seat to avoid us as we held it up! We were given a technical row over, but were disappointed that we hadn’t been able to attempt the overbump on Corpus.

Emily Maw

Saturday: 12th in Division 2. Bumped Homerton

On Saturday the weather had changed, but the drizzle didn’t dampen our spirits and we were determined to finally bump Homerton, who were once again ahead of us. We had a good row down, and a very supportive bank party, including the Master! The start went according to plan, and we quickly got a whistle on Homerton. This was shortly followed by two, then three, and then the bell soon after the motorway bridge. Before we knew it, Lizzie was shouting hold it up and steering us over to the bank. After a couple of people asking "did we actually bump this time?", we realised that we had! It was an amazing feeling, and we felt very proud rowing home with greenery to cries of "well done Pembroke!" after our first bump. Bring on the Mays!

Emily Maw


Tuesday: 11th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Downing III
Tuesday’s Race Video (click the link to YouTube for a high-definition version):

Wednesday: 10th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Homerton II
Wednesday’s Race Video(click the link to YouTube for a high-definition version):

Thursday: 9th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Christ’s III

Saturday: 8th in Division 4. UP 1 – Bumped Sidney Sussex II

M3 are awarded their blades for bumping up on all four days.
Saturday’s Race Video: