Spectating Bumps

This year 7 crews will be racing in Bumps on all four days Wednesday 8th – Saturday 11th June.
It’s the perfect afternoon for a picnic out on the meadows next to the river, and we’d love your support for your college, family and friends.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the racing times Wed-Fri:
M1: 19:45
W1: 19:00
M2: 18:15
W2: 17:30
M3: 13:45
W3: 16:00
M4: 13:45
These times are when the start ‘gun’ goes off – so be sure to be in place with plenty of time!
On Saturday the times are all moved forward 2 hours (so M4 race at 11:45 etc.).
Look out for the Pembroke crews from their blades500px-Pembroke_College_Cambridge_Rowing_Blade.svg

It’s recommended to use Google maps to navigate to the river – then try to find the landmarks below. I’ll upload some more pictures soon. Here’s a great guide from FaT boat club on how to get to the river: http://www.firstandthird.org/frames/rowing/bumpscourse.shtml
We recommend watching from Grassy Corner, the Plough pub or on Plough reach. It takes about about 45-60 minutes to walk from Pembroke College, less by bike.


For the final day of racing on Saturday 11th June 2016, PCBC support will once again be concentrated at our Marquee on the Meadow side of the Long Reach. A location map is given below. It’s just past the Railings on the map above.

It would be excellent to see as many Alumni and current students there as possible!

The Club will be laying on nibbles and drinks…

We’ll be there from 11am until the final race at 5:45pm.

  • Details on car parking are given here: http://www.cucbc.org/bumps/spectating
  • Please do bring along scarves, banners, and a loud cheering voice to spur on our Pembroke eights!
  • When you arrive, you won’t be able to miss us!


Mays Marquee



If you’d like to know more, please contact Thayne on captain(at)pembrokecollegeboatclub.com. We would love to see you there!

Pembroke Mays 2014
May Bumps 2016
Wednesday 8th June – Saturday 11th June 2016
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