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May Bumps 2015 – Crews

1st Men’s VIII
C: Ed Bosson
S: Archie Wood
7: Theo Clark
6: Stijn de Graaf
5: Blake Parsons
4: Sam Ringer
3: Piotr Zulawski
2: Charlie Cummins
B: Greg Drott
1st Men's VIII

1st Women’s VIII
C: James Roberts
S: Hannah Stewart
7: Holly Clothier
6: Charlotte Chorley
5: Chloe Ramambason
4: Audrey Claire-Lejeune
3: Emma Carter
2: Alice Limb
B: Jessica Farmery
1st Women's VIII

2nd Men’s VIII
C: Helena Roy
S: Thayne Forbes
7: Tony Barker
6: Matt White
5: Moye Odiase
4: Tom Hoier
3: Richard Phillips
2: Richard Marshall
B: Jamie Billington
2nd Men's VIII

2nd Women’s VIII
C: Dom Hall
S: Katie Schulz
7: Katharine Griffiths
6: Courtney Landers
5: Neria Aylward
4: Beatrice Walton
3: Gaia Laidler
2: Scarlett Walsh
B: Emma Durham

3rd Men’s VIII
C: Mairi Innes
S: James Hutt
7: Richard Watkins
6: Sam Lambrick
5: Hugo Kirby
4: Darion Mayes
3: Josh de Gromoboy-Dabrowicki
2: Tom Baxter
B: Will Gayne

3rd Women’s VIII
C: Tristan Downing
S: Frances Ketteman
7: Katie Pringle
6: Nonny Jones
5: Kerry Smith
4: Amy Karet
3: Ellie Heikel
2: Ciara McCarthy
B: Holly Chetwood

4th Men’s VIII
C: Gabrielle Robbins
S: Will Spence
7: Anushan Fernando
6: Alex Westin-Hardy
5: Rishi Jobanputra
4: Michael Droogleever Fortuyn
3: Alex Lysztovski
2: Richard Southern
B: Daniel Hart

The Pemgibeers
C: Elizabeth Wicks
S: Rory White
7: Richard Ollington
6: Jack Tavener
5: Andy Wright
4: Ryan Wield
3: Adam Robinson
2: Arun Lobo
B: Tristan Downing

The Idlers
C: Liam Hammond
S: Pete Fletcher
7: Tim Bond
6: Joseph Spencer
5: Freddy Mills
4: Jon Suzuki
3: Tom Schute
2: Rob Sanders
B: Choi Seonghoon

Lent Bumps 2015 – Results

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2015


Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 0 -1 0
M2 0 +1 0 +1 +2
W1 0 0 0 +1 +1
W2 0 +1 +1 +1 +3

Committee 2014-2015


Sir Richard Dearlove

Senior Treasurer:

Prof Charles Melville


Kevin Bowles Esq.

Captain of Boats:

Gregory Drott

Men’s Captain:

Theo Clark

Women’s Captain:

Chloe Ramambason

Men’s Vice Captain:

Thayne Forbes

Women’s Vice Captain:

Sienna Tompkins

Men’s Lower Boats Captain:

Charlie Cummins

Men’s Lower Boats Captain:

James Roberts

Women’s Lower Boats Captain:

Holly Clothier

Women’s Lower Boats Captain:

Jessica Currie

Junior Treasurer:

Richard Watkins

Social Secretary:

Helena Roy

Regatta Secretary:

Kathleen Gordon

Internet Secretary:

Simrun Basuita

Gregory Drott
Gregory Drott

Chloe Ramambason
Chloe Ramambason

Thayne Forbes
Thayne Forbes

James Roberts
James Roberts

Jessica Currie
Jessica Currie

Helena Roy
Helena Roy

Simrun Basuita
Simrun Basuita

May Bumps 2014 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

May Bumps 2014

Click a number to go to the race report and video, if available.

Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 +1 0 0 +2
M2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
M3 +1 +5 +1 +1 +8
M4 +1 +1 0 0 +2
M6 -1 0 +1 +1 +1
W1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
W2 -3 -1 -1 -1 -6
W3 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4


Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: Bumped First and Third M1

M1 had a focussed row down to the start, Arav, our cox proclaiming that we were “peaking” with our paddling as fast as it had ever been. As we lined up, Gripper (coaching) told us that he would not cycle past Ditton, so we had better catch FaT by then.

A fast start saw us take half a length out of FaT in the first 15 or so strokes. Queens behind us seemed to go wide of the start, and that was the last I remember considering them during the race. Our first call to hit our race rhythm saw the rate staying high at 40 or so, not getting quite the speed we might. A second call took us down onto race pace at a 36. With the rudder just beginning to come on for first post corner, we got our first whistle.

Hard legs for 15 strokes down the gut was not as tidy as it might have been, but as we came round into Grassy we won two whistles. At this point from the bank we heard that FaT were closing on St. Catharine’s and that we needed to hit them or risk losing them. This unfortunately turned out not to be the right thing for us to hear, and we tensed up, and lost length.

As we moved into Ditton corner, however, three whistles came and shortly after we gained overlap. Despite his promises to the contrary, Gripper followed us around onto the reach and screamed for us to finish it then and there. The corner took its toll on us and Trinity, moving straight, managed to move back out to two feet of clear water.

As we too cleared the corner though, we managed to get back into a better rhythm and moved back into overlap, and after what felt like an age rowing in boiling water, the call came to hold it hard having made the bump.

Archie Wood – Men’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped St Catharine’s M1

After a day 1 in which we knew we could have rowed better, M1 were gunning to break the new opponents early with relative safety with FaT behind. After a clean start even with the outflow pushing us around, we hit our stride and held station to First Post. FaT moved on us slightly but there was nothing to worry about. Our bends were tight and rowed sharply and Plough Reach saw a big push that got us from one whistle to 2 or even 3 by Ditton. Onto the Long Reach and with Catz firmly in our sights, we steamed on. Catz moved across to escape and with M1 holding their line, we waited until half a length of overlap before steering for an inevitable bump. Man that felt good. Onwards and upwards!

Arav Gupta – M1 Cox


Wednesday: Bumped by Christs W1

We had a solid row up to the start (although we almost got hit by the M2 division because we’d been left the TINIEST spot to marshal in imaginable). Our start was strong and solid and Christ’s were given an optimistic whistle after we’d settled into our rhythm. Unfortunately coming round First Post corner bow caught an over the head, boat stopping crab and we were caught. Tomorrow is a new day and we are biting at the bit to show people what Pembroke W1 can do.

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped by Lady Margaret W1

We had a really solid start and settled into a strong rhythm but unfortunately Maggie were just way faster than us and caught us just before First Post corner. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day we have the chance to show everyone what we can do and row over!

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain


Wednesday: Bumped by Darwin M1


Wednesday: Overbumped by Jesus W2

W2 rowed down to the start, confident that despite a daily changing 6 seat that we could take on Fitzwilliam. We had a solid start moving off quickly together with a fast first whistle on Fitz. An excellent line round Ditton elicited a second whistle from Kev. Even as Sidney Sussex, hotly pursued by Darwin moved up to a whistle on us, we kept our cool slowly reeling in Fitz. As we came into plough reach, the Darwin bump on Sidney Sussex took the pressure off from behind. We unfortunately lost some drive, letting Fitz out to over a length. However Benedict’s call and an excellent line round Ditton brought the focus and the power back, bringing us back inside a length. As we moved up along the reach, the Jesus crew gradually worked their way up for the overbump. Despite some strong pushes off them into Fitz, which gained us two whistles, the faster crew caught us. A disappointing result, but we plan to come back fighting.

Hannah Officer – W2 Rower


Wednesday: Bumped St. Catharines M4

An eventful day to say the least! After having painstakingly attached the Pembroke GoPro to the bows of our boat, we were determined to get a bump to see it put to good use. The gun went off, and we blazed out of the start, moving up to a length off of Catz after our start sequence. We hit our stride, and were moving on them every stroke as we came under the motorway bridge, until suddenly there were calls of “Hold it up!” from Kev and Gripper on the bank – Catz appeared to have stopped, and we were on course to plough straight into their (now almost stationary, due to a boat-stopper crab) boat. In the name of safety, we did as instructed and held it up, resulting in us stopping tantalisingly short of physical contact on their boat. Despite us kindly avoiding the impaling of their cox, Catz decided that they weren’t conceding, and started to row on, so we quickly regrouped ourselves and restarted.

We had been rowing for what can only have been 15 strokes when, with a strange sense of déjà vu, we again heard calls of “Hold it up!” from the bank; Dawin M3 had failed to clear the river, and carnage had ensued, resulting in a klaxoned division. A tense wait followed, whilst we waited to hear from the umpires about what was going to happen. It was eventually decided that the whole division would re-row, so we dutifully span, and rowed back down to the lock, mentally preparing to do it all again.

Whilst sitting on our station, one of the Chief Umpires came over and informed us that, due to the fact we had held it up for reasons of safety, and given it would have been an inevitable bump had we continued rowing, we would be awarded a technical bump on Catz. We let the rest of the division restart, before celebration and greenery ensued. Hopefully our first bump of many this week – let’s just hope the others are less chaotic!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Thursday: DOUBLE OVERBUMPED Emmanuel M4

Words just cannot describe how phenomenal today’s row was. We knew it would be a tough day, with a surprisingly fast Hughes M3 boat in front of us, chasing Homerton, who were falling down the river: we were going to have to bump before they did. The cannon went, and we set off, settling into a good stride. Unfortunately Hughes, as predicted, bumped out in front of us. A tense moment of steering through ensuing carnage followed, but we managed to get through unscathed! A few strokes later, and the pair of boats in front of that bumped out too. There was a feeling of defeat in the boat as we rowed past Churchill and Emma, now pulled into the side of the bank; the Emma IV crew, who started 5 boats ahead of us (11 1/2 lengths) were no-where to be seen. I refused to let us accept defeat there and then, so called the power back up, and had a strong row through the gut. As we rounded Grassy corner, I caught sight of Emma IV up by the plough, and determination set in. We were going to get this bump. We chased them hard down plough reach, with words of encouragement from Kev, Gripper, and Greg on the bank. As we rounded ditton, we heard “You’re 4 length off them” – we had until the railway bridge to make it. As we moved down the reach, we were gaining on them, but not fast enough, with still over 2 lengths to go by the railings. By this point, I could see the Emma crew’s faces, and the panic clearly setting in in their boat, so called for the hardest 20 strokes of M3’s lives – this took us to the pink house, and we finally got the whistle we’d been waiting for. As soon as the whistle blasted shrilly through the air, we really started moving, the distance between us dropping every stroke. Two whistles followed, quickly followed by three. We had 10 strokes to the finish – would we be able to do it? Finally, an image that will forever remain in my mind, as the railway bridge loomed over us, the Emma cox turned and conceded, as our bow struck their rigger. 3 strokes from the end of the race, and we’d done it. A double overbump. I am so, so proud of all the guys in M3: it would have been so easy to admit defeat, and settle for a rowover, but they put in a truly epic row, and were rewarded phenomenally. Now onwards and upwards for the rest of the week!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Friday: Bumped Clare M4

In comparison with yesterday’s row of epic proportions, today’s row was over in the blink of an eye. We were chasing Clare M4, a mixed crew on for spoons, racing in a wooden boat. Anton, the Clare boatman came over to us before the start of the race, and we agreed that, to avoid potential damage to boats and people, they would steer to the left, we would steer to the right, and they’d concede without contact. The cannon went, and we powered away from our station. We hadn’t even finished our start sequence before there was overlap, and within 15 strokes, the Clare cox conceded. Unfortunately Jack crabbed as we were holding it up, meaning we spun into their boat, and ended up losing our bow ball – so much for no contact! We had a good, technical row home, and are all looking forward to the last day of racing tomorrow!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Saturday:Bumped Darwin M3

As Darwin had been bumped by Corpus the day before, we knew that it was unlikely they’d have a chance of bumping back before we caught them, so were feeling confident going into the last day of racing. The start cannon went, and we were off, settling into a good stride. We soon had whistles on them, and despite some slightly dodgy steering from me, which resulted in a little blade clash with the bank, overlap and the bump soon followed, before first post corner. BLAADDDESSSSS!!! Greenery ensued, and the flag was hoisted – such a phenomenal feeling rowing home, with everyone along the bank cheering our achievements. Overall, M3 went up 8, and had a brilliant time doing it. I only hope that next year’s M3 can continue to build on the success of this year, so we can work our way back up the charts, to our rightful place back in division 4.

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox


Wednesday: Bumped by Newnham W3


Wednesday: Bumped Clare Hall M2

After Darwin IV scratched overnight, the #PemgibeerBoat2k14 were intensely disappointed that we were made the sandwich boat and actually had to row over the whole course! However, our worries were soon allayed as boats bumped out behind us at grassy and plough reach to finally allow us to row over at a comfortable rate 20.

We were much more fired up for the second race, and this was reflected in how tense we were off the start. Completely unprepared for the wash at the bottom of the division, the rowing was pretty poor with blades often failing to enter the water. Despite this, we were gaining on Clare Hall II and were just about half a length off when, due to carnage further up the river, the division was klaxoned.

Having heard that Clare Hall II were also half a length off bumping when the race was called off, we were stoked for a second chance at the re-row. Our start phase was much better, with a longer, smoother rhythm at a lower rate, and the whistles came quickly, leading to a reverberating thumping sound halfway down first post reach right in front of a contingent of Pembroke support. Tomorrow awaits…

Arun Lobo – M4 Rower


Wednesday: Bumped by Lady Margaret M5

May Bumps 2014 – Crews

1st Men’s VIII – Reg Howard
C: Arav Gupta
S: Archie Wood
7: Scott Warden
6: Tom Zawisza
5: Theo Clark
4: Walter Myer
3: Tom Hoier
2: Tom Wileman
B: Tony Barker

1st Women’s VIII – Sir Richard Dearlove
C: James Roberts
S: Sienna Tompkins
7: Catherine Vincent
6: Maev Conneely
5: Chloe Ramambason
4: Charlotte Chorley
3: Holly Clothier
2: Ery Hughes
B: Hannah Townsend

2nd Men’s VIII – Geoffrey Perret
C: Mairi Innes
S: Thayne Forbes
7: Greogory Drott
6: Derek Bruton
5: Piotr Zulawski
4: Will Yashar
3: Richard Phillips
2: Simrun Basuita
B: Will Gayne

2nd Women’s VIII – Rebecca Caroe
C: Benedict Collins-Rice
S: Katherine Moore
7: Tian Kisch
6: Victoria Ormond/Eileen Wehmann
5: Hannah Officer/Molly Haendel
4: Courtney Landers
3: Imogen Evans
2: Jessica Currie
B: Jessica Farmery

3rd Men’s VIII – James Crowden
C: Izzy Stone
S: Jack Tawney
7: Henri Decoeur
6: James Hutt
5: Charlie Cummins
4: Lukas Lange
3: Dominik Deradjat
2: Harry Hudson
B: Richard Watkins

3rd Women’s VIII – Nobby’s Girls
C: Marian Priebe
S: Audrey Claire Lejeune
7: Olivia Janet Papp
6: Nina Russel
5: Teresa Lin
4: Rikki Novetsky
3: Michelle Shevin-Coetzee
2: Katherine Griffiths
B: Clare Teng

The #PemgibeerBoat2k14 – Bill Hutton
C: Hannah Matheson
S: Adam Robinson
7: Andy Wright
6: Matt White
5: Tristan Downing
4: Rich Ollington
3: Ed Bosson
2: Arun Lobo
B: Ryan Wield

4th Men’s VIII – Bill Hutton
C: Chloe Ramambason (Gregory Drott & Jeffrey Xiao)
S: Sam Lambrick
7: James Roberts
6: Richard Marshall
5: Jamie Billington
4: Joe Bruch
3: Joe Bruch
2: Florian Schroeder
B: Andreas Kitzing

4th Women’s VIII – Chambabies – The Brown Boat
C: Kathleen Gordon
S: Matilda Waters
7: Gaia Laidler
6: Charlotte Ivers
5: Emma Carter
4: Caroline Sautter
3: Isabelle Terry
2: Ciara Rowland-Simms
B: Sarah Howden

th Men’s – Idlers’ Beer Boat – The Brown Boat
C: Camilla Penney
S: Roger Lightwood
7: Alex Vickery
6: Ross Elsby
5: Jake Fosters
4: Rob Sanders
3: Jamie Robson
2: Nathan Cole
B: Jon Whitby

th Women’s – Matlets’ Champagne Boat – The Brown Boat
C: Georgina Feary
S: Anna Robinson
7: Louisa Guyon
6: Maria Bergamasco
5: Frankie Sanders-Hewett
4: Pru Gardiner
3: Mairi Innes
2: Emma Cai
B: Emma Fairhurst

Images: Courtesy Pete Twitchett at Champs Head (May 2013), CamFM