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Lent Bumps 2016 – Crews

1st Men’s VIII
C: Dom Hall
S: Thayne Forbes
7: Stijn de Graaf
6: Richard Marshall
5: Piotr Zulawski
4: Seoirse Murray
3: Moyewa Odiase
2: Tom Baxter
B: Jamie Billington

1st Women’s VIII
C: James Roberts
S: Audrey Lejeune
7: Katharine Griffiths
6: Courtney Landers
5: Neria Aylward
4: Maggie Forrest
3: Emma Carter
2: Fran Ketteman
B: Katie Pringle

2nd Men’s VIII
C: Gina Wong
S: Sam Lambrick
7: Anushan Fernando
6: Greg Drott / Andreas Eder
5: Richard Phillips
4: Ben Walton / Darion Mayes
3: Luke Naylor-Perrott
2: Jay Richardson
B: Will Gayne

2nd Women’s VIII
C: Tom Whittaker
S: Jessica Farmery
7: Holly Clothier
6: Marianna Gailus
5: Anna Cassell
4: Jane Braden-Golay
3: Anna Dyas
2: Ciara McCarthy
B: Chloe Tubman

3rd Men’s VIII
C: Joanna Buckland
S: Ciaran Lawlor / Darion Mayes
7: Felix Fabrycyzny
6: Michael Droogleever Fortuyn
5: Rishi Jobanputra
4: Matevz Poljanc
3: Stefan Stanko
2: Balint Homonnay
B: Hugo Kirby

3rd Women’s VIII
C: Richard Southern
S: Penny Jones
7: Marta de Andres
6: Kathleen Nelson
5: Katie Wu
4: Sophie Young
3: Shirley Lo
2: Tori Hopkins
B: Liza Goodspeed

4th Men’s VIII
C: Chloe Ramambason
S: Henry Kerrison
7: John Hughes/Barry Colfer
6: Harry Sarson/Allex Desronvil
5: Nils Eling/Sahil Chinoy
4: Pratyay Poddar/Richard Southern
3: Will Grace/Adrian Van Kaan
2: Rob March
B: Cyriac Cyriac/Ian Morse

4th Women’s VIII
C: Tristan Downing
S: Helen Ockenden
7: Yanting Jin
6: Shuying Ni
5: Theresa Zsn
4: Amanda Chua
3: Shiva Mihan
2: Liza Berstein
B: Molly Moss

Committee 2015-2016


Sir Richard Dearlove

Senior Treasurer:

Prof Charles Melville


Kevin Bowles Esq.

Captain of Boats:

Thayne Forbes

Men’s Captain:

Stijn de Graaf

Women’s Captain:

James Roberts

Men’s Vice Captain:

Richard Marshall

Women’s Vice Captain:

Alice Limb

Men’s Lower Boats Captain:

Darion Mayes

Men’s Lower Boats Captain:

Josh de Gromoboy

Women’s Lower Boats Captain:

Ciara McCarthy

Women’s Lower Boats Captain:

Amy Karet

Junior Treasurer:

Sam Lambrick


Jess Farmery

Social Secretary:

Frances Ketteman

Regatta Secretary:

Audrey Lejeune

Internet Secretary:

Michael Droogleever

Sponsorship and Alumni:

Chloe Ramambason

Thayne Forbes
Thayne Forbes

Stijn de Graaf
Stijn de Graaf

James Roberts
James Roberts

Richard Marshall
Richard Marshall

Darion Mayes
Darion Mayes

Josh de Gromoboy
Josh de Gromoboy

Sam Lambrick
Sam Lambrick

Audrey Lejeune
Audrey Lejeune

Chloe Ramambason
Chloe Ramambason

May Bumps 2015 – Reports

Men’s Crews
M1 +1 +1 +1 +0 +3
M2 +1 +1 +1 +0 +3
M3 +1 +1 +1 +1 +4
Pemgibeers +0 +1 +1 +1 +3
Women’s Crews
W1 +0 +0 +1 +0 +1
W2 +0 +1 +1 +1 +3
W3 +0 -1 -1 +1 -1
M1 Wednesday. Bumped Jesus. M1 got off to a nervy start with the chain getting caught on the bank which pulled our bows out of line. Good coxing from Ed straightened us up and we had one whistle going into first post corner. After that we never looked back and began to grind Jesus down. Rowing in wash is never easy but the power was there and we finished it off for the spectators in front of the plough with FaT over 2 lengths behind. Good solid row by all but with things to improve on for tomorrow. Next up: Downing, who were bumped by Maggie.

Thursday. Bumped Downing. The successful campaign continues. Full credit has to go to Downing who really took it to Maggie today. Coming down plough reach we were only on station and Downing had 3 whistles on Maggie at one point. Thankfully for us they couldn’t sustain the pace and began to drop off coming round Ditton. We were then able to make the ground up quite quickly and bumped half way down the Reach. Solid row by all and onto Maggie tomorrow.

Friday. Bumped Lady Margaret. We had a clean start and coming out of it we found a very good rhythm resulting in one whistle going into first post corner, having only started at station 3. After that it was all over very quickly and we bumped just before Grassy. We found some speed today which we hadn’t had in the first two days so we’ll be taking that to Caius tomorrow.

Saturday. Rowed over. What a day. We got off to another flying start, although not quite as sweet as the day before. We gained quickly on Caius and got the first whistle in the gut. Sustaining our rhythm we had 3 whistles along plough reach and were rapidly closing in on the bump and the headship. Suddenly out of nowhere someone caught a boat-stopping crab and we were reduced to a standstill. Thankfully we had put a few lengths between ourselves and Maggie and they were still a long way off by the time we got back up to speed. We expended a lot of energy getting back on station with Caius and ran out of steam down the reach. In the end we let Maggie get a little too close for comfort and they crossed the finish line about as far behind us as we had been behind Caius at the plough.

To come so close to the headship and to fall short like that through a stroke of bad luck was pretty heart breaking for the whole crew and it was hard to see through that and realise what a fantastic week we’ve had. Going up 3 in the top of division 1 is no mean feat and we should be proud of our achievement. Motivation for next year is incredibly high and we will look to finally put ourselves on the top spot where we deserve to be. Unfortunately for Caius we’ll have four days rather than one to finish the job off.

M2 Wednesday. Bumped St. Catharine’s 2. Chasing Catz 2 for the headship of Div 3, M2 were comfortable in the knowledge that our prey had no one to escape-bump in front of them. Despite the clear-water disadvantage, we gained a whistle off the start – quickly landsliding in to multiple whistles coming round First Post corner followed by the bell and bump less than 60 seconds later in the Gut. As sandwich boat, we had to wait for our chance to get in to Div 2 for good. Chasing a sneakily fast Corpus 1 and in a heavier tail-wind, no real gains were made in the first few minutes of the race as neither crew let up. Corpus gained whistles on Sidney in front, spurring them on to bump just as we crept inside station. Slightly disappointing result, but exuberant over bump #1. On to tomorrow, a day of rowing over and securing our position in Div 2.

May Bumps 2015 – Crews

1st Men’s VIII
C: Ed Bosson
S: Archie Wood
7: Theo Clark
6: Stijn de Graaf
5: Blake Parsons
4: Sam Ringer
3: Piotr Zulawski
2: Charlie Cummins
B: Greg Drott
1st Men's VIII

1st Women’s VIII
C: James Roberts
S: Hannah Stewart
7: Holly Clothier
6: Charlotte Chorley
5: Chloe Ramambason
4: Audrey Claire-Lejeune
3: Emma Carter
2: Alice Limb
B: Jessica Farmery
1st Women's VIII

2nd Men’s VIII
C: Helena Roy
S: Thayne Forbes
7: Tony Barker
6: Matt White
5: Moye Odiase
4: Tom Hoier
3: Richard Phillips
2: Richard Marshall
B: Jamie Billington
2nd Men's VIII

2nd Women’s VIII
C: Dom Hall
S: Katie Schulz
7: Katharine Griffiths
6: Courtney Landers
5: Neria Aylward
4: Beatrice Walton
3: Gaia Laidler
2: Scarlett Walsh
B: Emma Durham

3rd Men’s VIII
C: Mairi Innes
S: James Hutt
7: Richard Watkins
6: Sam Lambrick
5: Hugo Kirby
4: Darion Mayes
3: Josh de Gromoboy-Dabrowicki
2: Tom Baxter
B: Will Gayne

3rd Women’s VIII
C: Tristan Downing
S: Frances Ketteman
7: Katie Pringle
6: Nonny Jones
5: Kerry Smith
4: Amy Karet
3: Ellie Heikel
2: Ciara McCarthy
B: Holly Chetwood

4th Men’s VIII
C: Gabrielle Robbins
S: Will Spence
7: Anushan Fernando
6: Alex Westin-Hardy
5: Rishi Jobanputra
4: Michael Droogleever Fortuyn
3: Alex Lysztovski
2: Richard Southern
B: Daniel Hart

The Pemgibeers
C: Elizabeth Wicks
S: Rory White
7: Richard Ollington
6: Jack Tavener
5: Andy Wright
4: Ryan Wield
3: Adam Robinson
2: Arun Lobo
B: Tristan Downing

The Idlers
C: Liam Hammond
S: Pete Fletcher
7: Tim Bond
6: Joseph Spencer
5: Freddy Mills
4: Jon Suzuki
3: Tom Schute
2: Rob Sanders
B: Choi Seonghoon

Lent Bumps 2015 – Results

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2015


Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 0 -1 0
M2 0 +1 0 +1 +2
W1 0 0 0 +1 +1
W2 0 +1 +1 +1 +3