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Lent Bumps 2015 – Results

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2015


Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 0 -1 0
M2 0 +1 0 +1 +2
W1 0 0 0 +1 +1
W2 0 +1 +1 +1 +3

May Bumps 2014 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

May Bumps 2014

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Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 +1 0 0 +2
M2 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
M3 +1 +5 +1 +1 +8
M4 +1 +1 0 0 +2
M6 -1 0 +1 +1 +1
W1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
W2 -3 -1 -1 -1 -6
W3 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4


Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: Bumped First and Third M1

M1 had a focussed row down to the start, Arav, our cox proclaiming that we were “peaking” with our paddling as fast as it had ever been. As we lined up, Gripper (coaching) told us that he would not cycle past Ditton, so we had better catch FaT by then.

A fast start saw us take half a length out of FaT in the first 15 or so strokes. Queens behind us seemed to go wide of the start, and that was the last I remember considering them during the race. Our first call to hit our race rhythm saw the rate staying high at 40 or so, not getting quite the speed we might. A second call took us down onto race pace at a 36. With the rudder just beginning to come on for first post corner, we got our first whistle.

Hard legs for 15 strokes down the gut was not as tidy as it might have been, but as we came round into Grassy we won two whistles. At this point from the bank we heard that FaT were closing on St. Catharine’s and that we needed to hit them or risk losing them. This unfortunately turned out not to be the right thing for us to hear, and we tensed up, and lost length.

As we moved into Ditton corner, however, three whistles came and shortly after we gained overlap. Despite his promises to the contrary, Gripper followed us around onto the reach and screamed for us to finish it then and there. The corner took its toll on us and Trinity, moving straight, managed to move back out to two feet of clear water.

As we too cleared the corner though, we managed to get back into a better rhythm and moved back into overlap, and after what felt like an age rowing in boiling water, the call came to hold it hard having made the bump.

Archie Wood – Men’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped St Catharine’s M1

After a day 1 in which we knew we could have rowed better, M1 were gunning to break the new opponents early with relative safety with FaT behind. After a clean start even with the outflow pushing us around, we hit our stride and held station to First Post. FaT moved on us slightly but there was nothing to worry about. Our bends were tight and rowed sharply and Plough Reach saw a big push that got us from one whistle to 2 or even 3 by Ditton. Onto the Long Reach and with Catz firmly in our sights, we steamed on. Catz moved across to escape and with M1 holding their line, we waited until half a length of overlap before steering for an inevitable bump. Man that felt good. Onwards and upwards!

Arav Gupta – M1 Cox


Wednesday: Bumped by Christs W1

We had a solid row up to the start (although we almost got hit by the M2 division because we’d been left the TINIEST spot to marshal in imaginable). Our start was strong and solid and Christ’s were given an optimistic whistle after we’d settled into our rhythm. Unfortunately coming round First Post corner bow caught an over the head, boat stopping crab and we were caught. Tomorrow is a new day and we are biting at the bit to show people what Pembroke W1 can do.

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped by Lady Margaret W1

We had a really solid start and settled into a strong rhythm but unfortunately Maggie were just way faster than us and caught us just before First Post corner. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day we have the chance to show everyone what we can do and row over!

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain


Wednesday: Bumped by Darwin M1


Wednesday: Overbumped by Jesus W2

W2 rowed down to the start, confident that despite a daily changing 6 seat that we could take on Fitzwilliam. We had a solid start moving off quickly together with a fast first whistle on Fitz. An excellent line round Ditton elicited a second whistle from Kev. Even as Sidney Sussex, hotly pursued by Darwin moved up to a whistle on us, we kept our cool slowly reeling in Fitz. As we came into plough reach, the Darwin bump on Sidney Sussex took the pressure off from behind. We unfortunately lost some drive, letting Fitz out to over a length. However Benedict’s call and an excellent line round Ditton brought the focus and the power back, bringing us back inside a length. As we moved up along the reach, the Jesus crew gradually worked their way up for the overbump. Despite some strong pushes off them into Fitz, which gained us two whistles, the faster crew caught us. A disappointing result, but we plan to come back fighting.

Hannah Officer – W2 Rower


Wednesday: Bumped St. Catharines M4

An eventful day to say the least! After having painstakingly attached the Pembroke GoPro to the bows of our boat, we were determined to get a bump to see it put to good use. The gun went off, and we blazed out of the start, moving up to a length off of Catz after our start sequence. We hit our stride, and were moving on them every stroke as we came under the motorway bridge, until suddenly there were calls of “Hold it up!” from Kev and Gripper on the bank – Catz appeared to have stopped, and we were on course to plough straight into their (now almost stationary, due to a boat-stopper crab) boat. In the name of safety, we did as instructed and held it up, resulting in us stopping tantalisingly short of physical contact on their boat. Despite us kindly avoiding the impaling of their cox, Catz decided that they weren’t conceding, and started to row on, so we quickly regrouped ourselves and restarted.

We had been rowing for what can only have been 15 strokes when, with a strange sense of déjà vu, we again heard calls of “Hold it up!” from the bank; Dawin M3 had failed to clear the river, and carnage had ensued, resulting in a klaxoned division. A tense wait followed, whilst we waited to hear from the umpires about what was going to happen. It was eventually decided that the whole division would re-row, so we dutifully span, and rowed back down to the lock, mentally preparing to do it all again.

Whilst sitting on our station, one of the Chief Umpires came over and informed us that, due to the fact we had held it up for reasons of safety, and given it would have been an inevitable bump had we continued rowing, we would be awarded a technical bump on Catz. We let the rest of the division restart, before celebration and greenery ensued. Hopefully our first bump of many this week – let’s just hope the others are less chaotic!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Thursday: DOUBLE OVERBUMPED Emmanuel M4

Words just cannot describe how phenomenal today’s row was. We knew it would be a tough day, with a surprisingly fast Hughes M3 boat in front of us, chasing Homerton, who were falling down the river: we were going to have to bump before they did. The cannon went, and we set off, settling into a good stride. Unfortunately Hughes, as predicted, bumped out in front of us. A tense moment of steering through ensuing carnage followed, but we managed to get through unscathed! A few strokes later, and the pair of boats in front of that bumped out too. There was a feeling of defeat in the boat as we rowed past Churchill and Emma, now pulled into the side of the bank; the Emma IV crew, who started 5 boats ahead of us (11 1/2 lengths) were no-where to be seen. I refused to let us accept defeat there and then, so called the power back up, and had a strong row through the gut. As we rounded Grassy corner, I caught sight of Emma IV up by the plough, and determination set in. We were going to get this bump. We chased them hard down plough reach, with words of encouragement from Kev, Gripper, and Greg on the bank. As we rounded ditton, we heard “You’re 4 length off them” – we had until the railway bridge to make it. As we moved down the reach, we were gaining on them, but not fast enough, with still over 2 lengths to go by the railings. By this point, I could see the Emma crew’s faces, and the panic clearly setting in in their boat, so called for the hardest 20 strokes of M3’s lives – this took us to the pink house, and we finally got the whistle we’d been waiting for. As soon as the whistle blasted shrilly through the air, we really started moving, the distance between us dropping every stroke. Two whistles followed, quickly followed by three. We had 10 strokes to the finish – would we be able to do it? Finally, an image that will forever remain in my mind, as the railway bridge loomed over us, the Emma cox turned and conceded, as our bow struck their rigger. 3 strokes from the end of the race, and we’d done it. A double overbump. I am so, so proud of all the guys in M3: it would have been so easy to admit defeat, and settle for a rowover, but they put in a truly epic row, and were rewarded phenomenally. Now onwards and upwards for the rest of the week!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Friday: Bumped Clare M4

In comparison with yesterday’s row of epic proportions, today’s row was over in the blink of an eye. We were chasing Clare M4, a mixed crew on for spoons, racing in a wooden boat. Anton, the Clare boatman came over to us before the start of the race, and we agreed that, to avoid potential damage to boats and people, they would steer to the left, we would steer to the right, and they’d concede without contact. The cannon went, and we powered away from our station. We hadn’t even finished our start sequence before there was overlap, and within 15 strokes, the Clare cox conceded. Unfortunately Jack crabbed as we were holding it up, meaning we spun into their boat, and ended up losing our bow ball – so much for no contact! We had a good, technical row home, and are all looking forward to the last day of racing tomorrow!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Saturday:Bumped Darwin M3

As Darwin had been bumped by Corpus the day before, we knew that it was unlikely they’d have a chance of bumping back before we caught them, so were feeling confident going into the last day of racing. The start cannon went, and we were off, settling into a good stride. We soon had whistles on them, and despite some slightly dodgy steering from me, which resulted in a little blade clash with the bank, overlap and the bump soon followed, before first post corner. BLAADDDESSSSS!!! Greenery ensued, and the flag was hoisted – such a phenomenal feeling rowing home, with everyone along the bank cheering our achievements. Overall, M3 went up 8, and had a brilliant time doing it. I only hope that next year’s M3 can continue to build on the success of this year, so we can work our way back up the charts, to our rightful place back in division 4.

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox


Wednesday: Bumped by Newnham W3


Wednesday: Bumped Clare Hall M2

After Darwin IV scratched overnight, the #PemgibeerBoat2k14 were intensely disappointed that we were made the sandwich boat and actually had to row over the whole course! However, our worries were soon allayed as boats bumped out behind us at grassy and plough reach to finally allow us to row over at a comfortable rate 20.

We were much more fired up for the second race, and this was reflected in how tense we were off the start. Completely unprepared for the wash at the bottom of the division, the rowing was pretty poor with blades often failing to enter the water. Despite this, we were gaining on Clare Hall II and were just about half a length off when, due to carnage further up the river, the division was klaxoned.

Having heard that Clare Hall II were also half a length off bumping when the race was called off, we were stoked for a second chance at the re-row. Our start phase was much better, with a longer, smoother rhythm at a lower rate, and the whistles came quickly, leading to a reverberating thumping sound halfway down first post reach right in front of a contingent of Pembroke support. Tomorrow awaits…

Arun Lobo – M4 Rower


Wednesday: Bumped by Lady Margaret M5

Lent Bumps 2014 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2014

Click a number to go to the race report and video, if available.

Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 +1 +1 +3
M2 -1 -1 -1 0 -3
M3 +1 0 0 +1 +2
W1 -3 -1 -1 -1 -6
W2 +1 0 -1 -1 -1

Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: 7th – Bumped up on Peterhouse M1

Pembroke M1 had a strong first day of bumps, bumping up on Peterhouse to 7th on the river. Lent
term got off to a great start with our training camp in Seville with our coach, Alan Marron, which
I’m sure the crew were feeling the advantage of as we lined up at the start today. We came to the
race knowing that we were strong enough to get the job done, and the importance of keeping the
length in the stroke and rowing our own race. Both Christ’s, who were chasing us, and Peterhouse,
had strong starts, however we knew this would happen and were prepared mentally for it. Although
Christ’s moved up on us on first post reach, once we got into our stride and settled to our race pace,
they fell away and we began to move up on Peterhouse. By first post corner we were a length off
Peterhouse, and by grassy corner we had two whistles on them. At this point, it was important for
the crew, rowing in wash, to stay relaxed and get the catches in together. With this in mind, we
moved up on Peterhouse on plough reach and had overlap by Ditton corner. Peterhouse took a wide
line around Ditton in order to avoid us, and a tighter line round Ditton gave us the racing line with no
wash to row in. Within a few seconds we were level with them, and the bump was awarded by the
Umpire for safety reasons. This was an encouraging start to M1’s bumps campaign, and we hope we
can continue this success over the next 3 days.

Mairi Innes – M1 Cox

Thursday: Rowed over 7th

Today was a somewhat lonely affair; the noise of the cannons at our new station under the Motorway bridge was about as exciting as it got. Jesus bumped Queens’ and Maggie caught FaT
ahead of us, both on First Post corner, making it very tight through the gut. Some excellent lines
from Mairi kept us out of trouble but, with all the excitement around us, the rowing became a bit
scrappy coming round grassy and down plough reach; eyes perhaps gazed to the inevitable bump on
Peterhouse by Christs going on behind us. This eventually happened around Ditton corner leaving
us clear of all boats ahead and behind us to cruise down the reach at rate 36. With Caius ahead of
us having already finished and Girton due to end at the bottom finish the critical call came for a
power 10 off the railway bridge. This was met with some confusion and we paddled over the line
wondering what the fuss of bumps was all about. All in all a job well done and on to tomorrow.

Theo Clark – M1

Friday: 6th – Bumped up on First & Third M1

A focused row up to the start was an encouraging prelude to today’s racing for Pembroke M1. As we waited for the starting cannon, we knew that entering our strong rhythm quickly will be essential for the execution of our race plan. A fast start from Christ’s was well anticipated, and good length and power off the stride allowed us to put distance between us and Christ’s early on despite a mystifying air stroke from six-man off the start. First and Third put in a creditable performance, making a push on First Post Reach which took them back to within station after our early gains. However, our relentless rhythm and a tidy racing line from Mairi allowed us to move up on FaT quickly through First Post Corner and the Gut. As we entered Grassy, the wash became pronounced as we closed to within half a length, but focus was maintained well despite the difficult water. First and Third made a final push, holding us off until slightly after Grassy Corner. Thereafter the bump was a matter of strokes. The race today showed that we can continue to make improvements between races, while our demonstrated ability to quickly settle into our strong rhythm leaves us in an encouraging position ahead of the final day of Lents.

Tom Zawisza – M1

Saturday: 5th – Bumped up on Queens M1

After the third day bump on FaT we knew that getting Queens’ was attainable. Our coach, Alan, said that going up just two wouldn’t be reaching our full potential. But we also knew that they would fight for it, and wouldn’t make it easy. Since day one, we’d been focussing on the transition from the start sequence to race pace – the Stride or Shift. In the days before we’d been lengthening out but only dropping to 39, and it wasn’t until a couple of corners later that we hit our long fast 36. Everyone in the boat felt that if we could hit that earlier, then the length we could get would give us better speed than the extra rate would, but getting the whole boat there naturally was proving tough. So with this in mind, and a new set of calls for Mairi on the shift, we lined up at station 6, just outside the outflow.

A straight push off, and a good start gained us 1/4 of a length on Queens’ before first post corner. At the shift we pressed out the length to a steadier rhythm and higher speed than we had previously, the boat really felt like it was cruising. As we added pressure for ten into the first corner, and Queen’s rudder came on, we moved up to half a length within station.

One whistle.

Following up with another ten as we came out of the corner meant we kept the gain moving into the gut with a boat length between us. We started to feel the dirty water and they held us at a length in the gut. Grassy corner upon us we started to walk up on Queens’. Seat by seat we took them. We saw Christ’s bump out with FaT behind us, but the focus remained in our boat.

Two whistles.

Now we could hear the boat behind us as we closed in. But nothing changed in our rowing, and the gap narrowed as we ticked the boat along plough reach. Then a wall of noise drowned out everything else, screams for Pembroke, Queens’ and God knows who else thickening the air.

Three whistles.

The gap at 1/4 of a length, we felt the steady, rhythmic wash from behind us that we’d felt on the first day behind Peterhouse and the day before behind FaT. The boat rocked beneath us, but we kept loose, relaxed and long, taking the final seat from them as the rudder came on for Ditton

The Bell.

With overlap we took the corner and as we were straightening out for the Long Reach we bumped them. Talking about it afterwards, Tony in the bow seat said he really felt the bump, and Mairi at the other end said she felt a satisfying impact. Somehow though in the 4 seat I didn’t, and must have taken at least two extra strokes before I realised what had happened.

Ryan in the stroke seat said that he was almost disappointed to have finished at that point, having geared up to squeeze on the reach. I think that’s really a reflection of how we all felt – while we’d been pushing it hard, we could have kept up that same pace for the whole course if the race had been longer.

A great race, and a fantastic end to a successful Lents campaign. It really has been a privilege to Captain this boat for PCBC, and I completely put that down to the commitment of the guys who’ve made it easy for me.

Bring on the Mays! Let’s see what we can do!

Archie Wood – Men’s Captain


Wednesday: 9th – Overbumped by Clare W1

W1 started just in front of the bridge in 6th position, chasing Christ’s and being chased by Newnham. The cannon’s went off and we were away – the start wasn’t our best but settled into a good solid, rhythm. Around the Plough Newnham were bumped by Cauis. Along the reach Clare were gaining on us – there were some great pushes but unfortunately, literally 100ms from the end, Clare caught us. Day two is a new day and with both W1 and W2 chasing Newnham we’ll be giving it everything!

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped by St Catharines W1

W1 had a good, strong start which saw us begin to gain on Newnham and leave behind Cats. Cats had a wobbly start but got it together and unfortunately gained on us. We became a little panicked and tight in the upper body and were caught on first post corner. We’ve reflected on the problem of today and are determined to change our luck tomorrow.

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Friday: 11th – Bumped by Queens W1



Tuesday: Bumped by Darwin M1

Regardless of the result, Day 1 was a gutsy & determined row for M2. After a rapid start, they began to gain on Wolfson.

From my vantage point on the bank, I witnessed two bumps in that division; the first, unfortunately, was Wolfson on Christs M2, who put up about as much resistance as a superconducting wire (physics joke there), effectively rolling onto their backs and giving Wolfson an exit (I imagine they were relieved to no longer be tussling with the mighty Pembroke men). As they cleared the river coxswain Helena Roy surgically picked the best line through the carnage.
The second was Darwin M1 on my own own M2; they closed in during the gut, but by a combination of skill & grit Pembroke managed to keep them at bay until the Plough reach. Pembroke started to pull away at a number of points, in the end the bump was awarded to Darwin as their bowball passed the coxes seat.

It was not a shameful bump; my boys are surrounded by first boats, and they proved that that’s where they belong. Christs did not.
Darwin brushed our stern yesterday, tomorrow we will SMASH theirs…

Tom Hoier – Men’s Vice-Captain

Thursday: 16th – Bumped by Corpus M1

Having rowed first day nerves out of our legs and keen to bump back on Darwin, M2 put in a much better performance today. The rowing was such an improvement from the previous day – more composed, cleaner, more powerful and more efficient. We were quick off the mark for our best start yet – rating 40 before settling down to a more sustainable 36 after 30 strokes. The Corpus M1 boat was chasing us and relentlessly pulled closer but we kept our nerve and some neat steering and calls (‘Defend the river!’) from cox Helena Roy saw us close Darwin to a length. Alas, just a day too late, as Corpus managed to catch us just after Grassy corner. To have rowed faster than the crew that previously caught us was a large boost if slightly disappointing that we hadn’t managed to hold Darwin off yesterday.
Another determined row from the boys, and such an improvement on yesterday. To make up water on Darwin shows that we were matching the M1 crews surrounding us and that we have the potential to bump up and row over in a difficult division.

Thayne Forbes – M2

Friday: 17th – Bumped by St. Edmund’s M1







Tuesday: Bumped up on 1st and 3rd W2

There were nervous faces at the start from the whole crew, as they awaited their first taste of bumps. The cannons didn’t seem to calm the nerves.

W2 had a smooth, fast start and were flying the whole way to the motorway bridge. There was an early bump behind them of Corpus W1 on St Edmunds W1, who didn’t gain any distance. They proceeded to hold station on FaT W2 round first post and through the gut. Some nice coxing from James saw them starting to edge up on FaT round Grassy. It wasn’t till after Ditton that they really started to gain though. As the whistles started to come faster, the girls really picked up the boat as a crew and moved it on. They chased them almost the whole way down the reach, making the bump by the white house. Just in the nick of time!

An excellent start to the bumps campaign. ROW ON PCBC!

Catherine Vincent – Women’s Vice-Captain

Thursday: Rowed over 14th

W2 were still hyped off the bump on Tuesday and we had Newnham in our sights. The start was strong and we got settled and moving quickly. A number of crews bumped out before Grassy,
including FaT who were chasing us being bumped by Corpus, so the river cleared quite early.
However, this did mean we didn’t have quite the incentive we had on Tuesday, and Newnham were
matching us for pace so we had difficulty closing up. The lack of whistles and general noise was
noticeable; our commitment held firm and we matched Newnham round Ditton, but coming onto
the reach they began to pull away. Some impressive dedication meant that we saw the race through
to the end well with strong rowing right to the finish for a solid row-over. With a strong Corpus boat now chasing us, we finished the day with even more
incentive to take Newnham down tomorrow.

James Roberts – W2 Cox

Friday: 15th – Bumped by Corpus W1



Tuesday: Bumped up on LMBC M4

A great first day for M3, we had a strong race, taking a length out of LMBC by first post corner. We narrowed the gap down to 1/4 of a length by grassy, and, after taking a tight line round the corner had overlap. A final push out of the corner was all that was needed, and soon resulted in a bump. A fantastic start to the week, and fingers crossed for more bumps to come.

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Wednesday: Rowed over 3rd in Div 4

We had been hoping to catch Magdalene today, however a slight wobble of the crustacean kind off of the start left us 3/4 of a length off station. There was some real determination shown throughout the race, and we pulled back to being on station, but unfortunately were unable to catch them over the very short distance we were racing (M4 division finishes at the railings, so it’s only 1k or so!). A good start on Friday should set us up well for the chase, whilst we’ll have Wolfson M2 to push off of behind us for extra motivation!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Friday: Rowed over 3rd in Div 4


Izzy Stone – M3 Cox


May Bumps 2013 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

proudly sponsored by:

May Bumps 2013

Click a number to go to the race report and video, if available.

Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 -1 -1 +1 +1 0
M2 -1 -1 0 -1 -3
W1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -4
W2 -1 0 0 +1 0
W3 0 -4 -1 -1 -6


Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Many of the YouTube links below are courtesy of this messageboard thread: link.
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: 8th in Division 1 – Bumped by Queens’

After a slightly nervy warm up we found ourselves stationed under the bridge right next to a very loud cannon! A fast start saw us pull away from Queen’s and hold station with a strong Catz boat in front. However coming out of The Gut, a loss of composure cost us dearly, and unnecessary energy wasted past the Plough caught up with us into the Long Reach where Queen’s pushed and bumped.

Arav Gupta, M1 cox

Thursday: 9th in Division 1 – Bumped by Clare

Confident in our fast start, our aim was to nab Queen’s as soon as possible, as we knew Clare was of similar speed to us. We held rhythm for longer today, and this paid off in our overlap with Queen’s down the reach. Alas, we couldn’t bump as we were on the other side of the river from them, trying to hold of a hungry Clare, who gave one final push under the railway bridge and made the bump.

Arav Gupta, M1 cox

Friday: 8th in Division 1 – Bumped Clare

We weren’t so worried about Christ’s behind us, and especially back to our full strength line up, we knew we could get Clare. And get Clare we did. We hit a strong rhythm and reeled them in with cries of “Yeah Pem-Broke” from the 6 seat. Once we got steaming, we weren’t gonna stop. In my opinion the week’s tidiest and most lethal row.

Arav Gupta, M1 cox

Saturday: 7th in Division 1 – Bumped Queens’

Buoyant from the previous day, and with knowledge we had already nearly caught Queen’s on the 2nd day, we set out to bump quick. Again, a solid start and Clare were dropped promptly. A quick gut and onto Plough Reach we were on many whistles. Ideally should have got them before Ditton, but some eager coxing from both boats and Queen’s controversially held off until the spinning posts. However the bump was inevitable, and Pem1 finished level.

Arav Gupta, M1 cox


Wednesday: 5th in Division 1 – Bumped By Clare

W1 have trained hard throughout the term. The start of our Easter training was to focus on rowing as a crew . We were grateful for the return of one of our CUW representatives, Clare Hall, and other experienced members from Pembroke; for a few, it was the first time they had rowed for W1.

Our start was strong and committed. We were chased by Clare, tipped for greatness (David Attenborough, 2013). Ahead of us were Newnham who’ve been climbing the divisions steadily for a few years. We followed our race plan, going off high, rowing over at 37. Clare Hall and Eleanor Metcalfe set a strong rhythm in the stern but the yellow blades of Clare came at us hard. We pushed into First Post corner, gaining a quarter of a length on Newnham but unfortunately it was not enough. Clare pushed hard through the apex and steered a good line, taking us on our exit.

A disappointing start to the W1 May Bumps 2013 campaign. However our post outing debrief was overall positive, with the girls excited for tomorrow.

Kat Suddaby, W1 6-seat and Women’s Captain

Thursday: 6th in Division 1 – Bumped by Emmanuel

W1 attacked day 2 with the same commitment and venom we’d approached the previous day with. Kevin gave us a fantastic set up leading to our strongest start of the term and a gain of a quarter of a length on Clare. We hit a maximum rate of 42 before lengthening to 36. Within a minute we had come to First post corner, Emma hot on our heels and Caius chasing them hard. Emma took a tight line, catching our inside. On pushing out of the corner into the gut, Emma had the favourable line allowing them to bump, just as Caius were pushing for their own bump.

It was extremely disappointing. The crew have trained incredibly hard and we couldn’t have given anything more. As a captain I can’t ask for more than that.

Tomorrow was have Emma ahead and Caius behind. We will go out and row proud for Pembroke. We’ll look to achieve the same strong start and throw everything at it. Row on PCBC.

Kat Suddaby, W1 6-seat and Women’s Captain

Friday: 7th in Division 1 – Bumped by Caius

Saturday:8th in Division 1 – Bumped by First and Third


Wednesday: 13th in Division 2 – Bumped by Christ’s II

After some solid outings in the buildup to bumps, M2 were feeling positive despite the lack of experience in the boat, with the goal of catching a Sidney Sussex M1 crew that had held us off by half a length last year.

The row down to the start felt good, with plenty of power coming from the boat and a feeling of cohesiveness that we had worked on in the outings leading up to bumps. As the cannons fired our oars drove through the water, although we struggled to deal with the headwind off the start. Despite this scrappy start, we held station with Sidney, but a rapid Christs M2 crew with four CULRC trialists closed down on us and we never looked like pulling away, leading to being pretty comprehensively bumped.

There was not much that could be done apart from say ‘chapeau’ to a much more experienced and powerful crew, and give it absolutely everything for the following days.

Arun Lobo, M2 2-seat and Men’s Vice Captain

Thursday: 14th in Division 2 – Bumped by Queens’ II

Not having to deal with the trepidation that comes with the first day of bumps, M2 had a much better start than the previous day, building to rate 43 and holding station with both Queens II behind us and Christs II in front of us.

Unfortunately, after this point the greater power and experience in the Queens boat began to show, as they settled to a longer stroke than us and began closing. This caused a bit of panic and, in an attempt to maintain a high rate, we shortened up more leading to a bump by Queens.

Having trained extremely hard this term, M2 are determined to finish bumps fighting. For the martlet.

Arun Lobo, M2 2-seat and Men’s Vice Captain

Friday: 14th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

Saturday:15th in Division 2 – Bumped by Hughes Hall


Wednesday: 6th in Division 2 – Bumped by Fitzwilliam

Having trained hard throughout the term, W2 started off Bumps with the goal of remaining the top W2 crew on the river. W2’s boat this term is a mixture of experienced rowers and newcomers, all excited to row for Pembroke.

The start of the race was good, as we managed to hold station, which was encouraging given the hard work we have put into our starts in the last week with Paul Meadows, our coach. Once off the start we went for a period of high rating rowing, sitting at about 38, however Fitzwilliam came at us strong from behind and despite valiant efforts from W2 we were bumped just after First Post Corner.

Although being bumped on Day 1 is perhaps not the best way to start Bumps, W2 came out of the experience feeling overall positive – ready to row again tomorrow, and knowing that we rowed well and lost to a simply much faster (W1) crew.

Mairi Innes, W2 cox

Thursday: 6th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

W2 came into Day 2 with a clear goal – not to get bumped by Emmanuel W2, who would be rowing a station behind us. Given the strength of Fitzwilliam, the aim was for a strong row over.

Again, W2 had a good, clean start, with everyone remaining in time, which was encouraging. However, Emmanuel began to gain on us, and once past First Post Corner the dreaded three whistles were blown. This was, however, not the end of the campaign for W2, who managed to push away out of Grassy Corner. Credit must be given to the girls for not panicking or losing focus despite Emmanuel getting so close, and managing to keep the crew behind off in the corners. By the end of the row over, Emmanuel were about 3 lengths behind us.

Therefore Day 2 felt like a real achievement for W2, who managed to keep their W2 headship.

Mairi Innes, W2 cox

Friday: 6th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

Saturday: 5th in Division 2 – Bumped Sidney Sussex


Wednesday: 6th in Division 3 – Rowed Over

Thursday: 10th in Division 3- 1.5 Overbumped by Magdalene II

Friday: 11th in Division 3 – Bumped by Murray Edwards II

Saturday: 12th in Division 3 – Bumped by Emmanuel III

Emma drew up to us off the start, and while we pulled away from them, a bump was inevitable, and came a short way through the race.

I think we’re all proud of how we rowed today, and despite the quick bump, we’re pleased with our commitment to pull away from a much faster crew.

May Bumps 2012 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

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May Bumps 2012 – Results

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Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 -2
M2 +1
M3 -1
M4 -3
W1 -2
W2 -2
W3 +3
W4 -2

Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Many of the YouTube links below are courtesy of this messageboard thread: link.
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: 6th in Division 1 – Bumped by Jesus

M1 division video – http://youtu.be/9r4Dftijy9s (courtesy of ‘Yaffeth’, viewable in HD)

Thursday:7th in Division 1 – Bumped by LMBC

M1 division video (plough reach) – http://youtu.be/T4jmTc_YmPc (courtesy of Caius supporter, viewable in HD)

Friday: 7th in Division 1 – Rowed Over

M1 division video – http://youtu.be/HyXkq_XbWwY (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Saturday: 7th in Division 1 – Rowed Over

M1 division video – http://youtu.be/MV8VdbyIZ5k (courtesy of mascot2001, viewable in HD)
M1 division video (top few crews, railway bridge) – http://youtu.be/rHEppe4wZGo (courtesy of Caius supporter, viewable in HD)


Wednesday: 2nd in Division 1 – Rowed Over

W1 division video – http://youtu.be/qUoNJd2CYls (courtesy of ‘Yaffeth’, viewable in HD)

Thursday: 3rd in Division 1 – Bumped by Newnham

W1 division video (partial) – http://youtu.be/9KT08fetQzs (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Friday: 4th in Division 1 – Bumped by Jesus

W1 division video – http://youtu.be/l5WLVh2KgGA (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Saturday: 4th in Division 1 – Rowed Over

W1 division video – http://youtu.be/8Q6T80YZYMA (courtesy of mascot2001, viewable in HD)


Wednesday: 12th in Division 2 – Bumped Wolfson

Another M2 division video – http://youtu.be/dJCPY8GVF9c (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

After two weeks of outings with lots of subs due to exams, M2 were pleasantly surprised by the balanced boat we had on the row up to the start. We saw a very nice paddle up with some cool, collected and (more importantly) quick starts leaving us well buoyed up for chasing Wolfson M1.

We started from lucky station 13, with an excellent push out from Kev giving us a straight line across the corner and down First Post Reach. The start was good, and we settled into a nice rhythm despite the choppy water. We were aiming for the long bump on Wolfson, and saw our first whistle by the second half of First Post Reach. The boys held it together really well through the gut and round Grassy, despite my line being far from as tight as I’d’ve liked! By the time we finished our push out of Grassy, we had our second whistle, and whilst our rowing was perhaps not as neat as it could have been, we slowly gained ground coming down Plough Reach.

We knew that, as a crew, our stamina and ability to build up the power along the Reach would stand us in good stead for the next section of the course, and we came into Ditton ready to really start building up that momentum. However, coming round Ditton we seemed to suddenly eat up the distance between us and Wolfson and before we were halfway through our first push Kev’s bell of doom was tolling for overlap. That was all the encouragement the boys needed, and we had the bump before we were fifteen strokes out onto the Reach.

With a lot of row overs in the crews ahead, we can only be hopeful for the rest of the week’s racing – but a great result today, M2, very proud of you. Bring on Sidney Sussex tomorrow!

Victoria Lindsay, M2 Cox

Thursday: 12th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

M2 division video – http://youtu.be/fKwUfN1yVso (courtesy of ‘Yaffeth’, viewable in HD)

Today saw conditions very different to Wednesday: the water was very rough, and we had a lovely head wind during our row up to the start. However, the lads had what was termed ‘a bit of a show-off’ with their very neat paddle up to the start, trying our best to psych out some of the crews ahead.

Our start sequence was good, but with a determined Wolfson out for revenge after yesterday’s bump, the boys were feeling the pressure and the rate stayed a little high off the start. With the advantage of cutting the corner from their station, Wolfson got a whistle off the start, but we knew they would be no match for us in the long run – and we soon left them behind. However, the slightly rushed start didn’t set us up quite as well for the middle portion of the course as the previous day, and with our rate dropping off through the last part of First Post Reach and through the Gut, we only managed to hold station with Sidney Sussex ahead.

A much better line round Grassy than yesterday set us up for a better push out of Grassy than the one through the Gut. Whilst the rating was still a little low, we were holding our finishes out much better and had a much neater row down Plough Reach. However, coming up towards Ditton we suddenly seemed to perk up, and both the rate and power came back up for a lovely, well-sat Ditton.

Our monster push out of Ditton backed up this change, and suddenly saw us gaining ground on Sidney Sussex. With a low power build coming down the second half of the Reach, and our signature last-minute build for the finish line saw us get two whistles on Sidney crossing the line – a gain of a length over the course of the Reach. So, it looks promising for tomorrow – we’ve shown we are faster than them, we just need to eke out another half a length! Tomorrow, Sidney, we are coming for you.

Victoria Lindsay, M2 Cox

Friday: 12th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

M2 division video – http://youtu.be/l2_e_mGHpkU (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

The wind had picked up again today for the M2 division – but this time in the opposite direction, giving us a terrible headwind to contend with (17mph winds with gusts to 33mph, according to the Met Office). M2, however, were very prepared, and were looking upon the wind as an advantage to us compared to the crews around us – we knew we could handle it!

Our start was not bad, especially considering the headwind, and despite worries that Wolfson might try to go hard off the start after us today, there was no sign of them ever getting within station. We settled into a much better rhythm than on previous days, and kept moving strongly into the wind, staying on station with Sidney. We kept the nice rhythm round into the Gut, where unfortunately we had to steer to avoid bumped crews who were being blown across the river (naming no names, FaT), resulting in a bit of imbalance and a loss of speed through the Gut. However, the boys picked it up heroically round Grassy and a good push into Plough Reach, and we managed to hold station with Sidney.

We knew that we were going to face a massive headwind again on the Reach, so we prepared with a good push into Ditton, really setting us up for our characteristic ‘impressive Reach push’ (so termed by Wolfson rowers post-race). Despite the horrible headwind, the boys gave a really amazing performance on the Reach, bringing the boat speed up and really eating up the distance between us and Sidney Sussex. Our final push from the houses was especially good, and despite the wind we finished within half a length of Sidney, again – and they looked really rattled as we gained so massively after the railway bridge, leaving Wolfson some four lengths in our wake. So tomorrow, with a strong Christ’s II crew behind Wolfson hopefully knocking out the crews behind, and an even bigger headwind forecast which is all in our favour, there really is all to play for, boys…

Victoria Lindsay, M2 Cox

Saturday:12th in Division 2 – Rowed Over

M2 division video – http://youtu.be/5f_jApWDxow (courtesy of mascot2001, viewable in HD)


Wednesday: 3rd in Division 2 – Rowed Over

W2 division video – http://youtu.be/S-BP6JmKLd0 (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Thursday: 3rd in Division 2 – Rowed Over

W2 division video (partial) – http://youtu.be/1Sj9x8G6twA (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Friday: 4th in Division 2 – Bumped by Murray Edwards

W2 division video – http://youtu.be/qCBtGlov0ro (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Saturday: 5th in Division 2 – Bumped by Sidney Sussex

W2 division video – http://youtu.be/I_PpCPgebtY (courtesy of mascot2001, viewable in HD)


Wednesday: 3rd in Division 4 – Rowed Over

M4 division video – http://youtu.be/1uJuSRb_nDY (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Haiku are cool, right?

Up for a long race
Queens bump out, we soldier on

Bloody row-over.

Harry Baker, M3 7-seat

Thursday: 3rd in Division 4 – Rowed Over

M4 division video – http://youtu.be/Vy9Mw52mTaA (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Friday: 3rd in Division 4 – Rowed Over

M4 division video – http://youtu.be/8aySwAwA1Ek (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

After two days of rowing over (including an epic row over on Thursday with Clare Hall M1 chasing us all the way and having overlap at some point) we wanted a bump on Friday. We knew that we had gained up on Cauis M3 on Thursday and were hoping to get them this time.

The start was good and we managed to fend off Clare Hall M1, which actually crashed into the bank and were bumped by Downing M3. However, due to an expected head wind that almost made us stop dead in our tracks around Ditton corner, we were not able to catch up on Cauis M3 who eventually bumped Kings M2. This again left us with a bitter taste in our mouth as everyone around us had bumped out and we were in for a row over again – third time in a row! If this happens tomorrow again we should get spades for 4 row overs (somewhere there between spoons and blades – a consolation prize for our stamina!).

Nikola Novcic, M3 6-seat

Saturday: 3rd in Division 4 – Technical Bump by Downing IIII

As I’m sure you’re aware, the problems in your division were caused by Kings and Caius bumping in the gut and not clearly as effectively as we would have liked. As this happened at the head of the division, everything behind backed up and was stopped. Pete Convey, one of the DCUs, collated evidence from the SU and JU teams immediately afterwards, and I joined him halfway through this process. The available evidence from the umpires was that crews 3 and 4, and 5 and 6 were sufficiently close (i.e. 4 had caught up on 3 and 6 on 5) that a bump was likely and so a technical bump was awarded by the DCU. I reviewed the umpires information and Pete’s decisions and confirmed them.

May Bumps Chief Umpire




Wednesday: 10th in Division 3 – Rowed Over

W3 division video – http://youtu.be/Z6fwh-EEKh4 (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

An optimistic crew turned up to race today after some very positive outings building up to Bumps. With things running late, the rowers did well to keep their focus during the marshalling and row down to the start. Starting from the difficult Station 10, Kevin made an excellent push out that positioned the boat well for First Post Reach.

Our starts have been fast, and today was no different; we sat comfortably on station with the Selwyn crew ahead who themselves were closing fast on Magdalene. The Selwyn-Magdalene bump came early on, and both crews were still in the middle of the river as we were approaching at speed! The call came from the bank to hold it up which we did briefly before the river cleared and we picked it back up with a second race start. Now our sights turned to Girton who were just disappearing around First Post Corner…

We had a couple of nice pushes out of the corner and through the Gut, so everything was going well until mid-way around Grassy Corner when Catherine’s blade came out of the gate. She managed to keep her head and secure the blade again saving us from an epic, Oxford-style 7 person row over!!! Disaster avoided and with the pressure from Catz behind minimal, the attention turned to reeling in Girton who this time were disappearing around Ditton Corner.

I was really proud of the crew’s determination and how they responded to several pushes down the Long Reach. By the finish line we had closed the c.5 length gap to a length and a half. It was a brilliant start to what will hopefully be a successful week.

Verity Bennett, W3 Cox

Thursday: 9th in Division 3 – Bumped Magdalene II

W3 division video – http://youtu.be/geigWonnTzk (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

(Click to enlarge)

Friday: 8th in Division 3 – Bumped Girton II

(Click to enlarge)

W3 division video – http://youtu.be/5JvaJhqS_Fc (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Saturday: 7th in Division 3 – Bumped Selwyn II

(Click to enlarge)

W3 division video – http://youtu.be/TkogWoAZdwo (courtesy of mascot2001, viewable in HD)


Wednesday: 7th in Division 5 – Bumped by Hughes Hall II

M5 division video – http://youtu.be/ABvIcwwThkA (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

M4 had a terrific start and showed that despite their comparative lack of experience they definitely belong in their division. M4 closed in on Sidney II off the start and looked to be the faster crew, but were unfortunately bumped by Hughes Hall II before the opportunity to prove this. In all, they had an excellent row and Hughes Hall were simply the faster crew, but all 8 rowed brilliantly and we have high hopes for the remaining days of Bumps.

Chris Slade, M4 Cox

Thursday: 8th in Division 5 – Bumped by First & Third IV

M4 division video – http://youtu.be/Vy9Mw52mTaA (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

M4 had an unfortunate start that gave FaT a good gain on them from the offset. This culminate in a rush in the boat which FaT were able to take advantage of to secure a bump before the gut.

Chris Slade, M4 Cox

Friday: 8th in Division 5 – Rowed Over

M5 division video – http://youtu.be/kpNiHlbuJBs (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

M4 pulled clear of Robinson with a strong start and made a move to gain on Trinity through the gut. Robinson were bumped out leaving no threat from behind and despite an initially strong catch on Trinity, they were able to pull away and bump Sidney. This left the river clear for M4 to have a strong but relaxed row over, leaving us chasing Sidney and being chased by Kings on the final day of bumps. It looks to very much be a matter of who can bump first on Saturday.

Chris Slade, M4 Cox

Saturday: 9th in Division 5 – Bumped by Kings III

M4 put in a sterling effort to pull away from King’s who had thus far bumped every day and were looking strong. They managed to close the gap on Sidney II in what could have been a convincing bump, but sadly were caught by King’s just round First Post Corner in what could have very nearly been a very damaging bump to the Bill Hutton. Despite not making the bump any day, M4 showed real aptitude considering their minimal training and should be proud of the effort made each day.

Chris Slade, M4 Cox


Wednesday: 15th in Division 4 – Rowed Over

W4 division video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Suzi8-Ty4L8 (courtesy of Fitzwilliam)

A re-run of our part of the division and a couple of bumps ahead of us on the first couple of corners left W4 with nothing on and a tough row over. Although chased by a Clare III boat who were given an occasional (purely motivational) whistle from their bank party, we easily matched their pushes and maintained a distance that never put us under any pressure despite our stroke’s feet coming out down the long reach. Really solid row. Selwyn III look catch-able tomorrow and we know Clare can’t get us. Game on.

Benedict ‘Bendy’ Collins-Rice, W4 Cox

Thursday: 15th in Division 4 – Rowed Over

W4 division video – http://youtu.be/h04s-5tTJko (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)
W4 division video – http://youtu.be/0Zj-S2POi1U (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Another long row over for W4 today. Clare III being bumped behind us took the pressure off at the start of the race and made for a promising start. Although the rowing got a little scrappier as the race developed we pretty much held station with the Selwyn III crew in front – pushing them to a length gap at one point. Unfortunately King’s II deciding to sit and straddle grassy corner forced a line – effected with the type of power slide only possible with the brown boat’s rudder – which left us with a lot of work to do to recover the distance and despite positive pushes down both reaches, we were never in a position to threaten. The Selwyn Bump is still on tomorrow.

Benedict ‘Bendy’ Collins-Rice, W4 Cox

Friday: 16th in Division 4 – Bumped by Murray Edwards III

W4 division video – http://youtu.be/k5B5HHH4kL4 (courtesy of Girton, viewable in HD)

Before we could capitalise on our early gain on Selwyn III, W4 got bumped hard and fast by a quick Murray Edwards III crew set to get blades tomorrow. We will have to work hard tomorrow to fight off The Blondes In Red who are also set for blades. The overbump is potentially on though if we can hold them off.

Benedict ‘Bendy’ Collins-Rice, W4 Cox

Saturday: 17th in Division 4 – Bumped by Lady Margaret III