Lent Bumps Reports

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Lent Bumps 2020 Reports

Men’s Crews


Women’s Crews


M1Wednesday: Bumped Downing I
After rowing through 4 times behind Downing last year M1 returned with determination to get the bump. Although we did not have the best start, we gained our first whistle in the gut, and from there on we knew we are not going to let them get away. With perfect execution of our race plan, we slowly reeled Downing in, and caught them around Ditton.

Thursday: Technically bumped by Downing I
Due to incident before racing.

Friday: Bumped Downing I
M1 returned with determination for a good race after the setback yesterday. With amazing support from PCBC alumnus John Hughes, we had a good warmup. Our start was much better than on day 1 and whistles started coming before first post corner. We did not let them get away, and swiftly bumped coming out of grassy.

Saturday: Bumped Caius I
M1 had an amazing last day. Despite the strong stream and headwind, we had a really quick start and the first whistle came in 20s. From then on there was no stopping and overlap was achieved coming out of grassy. Caius put up a good fight, but it was over by the plough. With this M1 is now second on the river, highest in lents since 1990.
W1Wednesday: Bumped First and Third I
W1 made a great start to their bumps campaign in a hard-fought race. They managed to get a whistle on First and Third pretty quick off the start, whilst also being unfazed by Clare’s whistles behind them. With some beautiful lines round the corners and big pushes, W1 pulled away from Clare and gained inch by inch on FaT, bumping them on the reach.

Thursday: Rowed Over
After a slightly nervy start, W1 found a strong rhythm for their second race. Building on yesterday’s experience they knew they could avoid being caught by FaT and moved away smoothly past the Plough. Maintaining this discipline down the long reach they rowed over confidently, and are looking forward to chasing the bump on Maggie again tomorrow.

Friday: Rowed Over
W1 went into today with confidence, knowing that they had both stamina and strength. As expected, Clare came up fast, and had overlap out of grassy. However, W1’s grit and determination never wavered and they cruised away, breaking Clare’s spirit and finishing a strong row over several lengths ahead of them. They still have Maggie in their sights for the final race tomorrow.

Saturday: Rowed Over
Today W1 were keen to keep up the momentum of the previous two days. With Clare chasing them again, the crew knew they would have no issues escaping them, and kept them further away than yesterday. With lots of experience training in tough conditions, the headwind did not shake the crew, and they maintained station on Maggie in front all the way to top finish. With this the crew finishes at an impressive 6th on the river, having gone up 1, and are immensely proud of their achievement.
M2Tuesday: Bumped by Homerton I
M2 had a tough position in the draw, behind a speedy FaT M2 and in front of an even speedier Homerton M1. They had a good start, and made small gains on FaT while they kept Homerton on station as they came down from the lock into First Post corner. At this point there was little more left in the tank to keep out a formidable Homerton, but the boat held out for an impressive distance and only conceded on Ditton.

Thursday: Rowed Over
After a strong effort of holding off Homerton yesterday before being bumped on Ditton, M2 managed to hold them at two lengths consistently throughout the row over, with a solid rhythm. Emma M2 offered a challenge, gaining one whistle on us coming into First Post Corner, but we held them off and walked away from them on the Reach.

Friday: Rowed Over
Following a strong start, M2 gained one whistle on Homerton M1 coming onto First Post Reach and fought to reel them in. Unfortunately, they were quick to bump out coming around the corner, so we settled into a sustainable rhythm for our second row over of bumps.

Saturday: Bumped Jesus II
M2 secured our long awaited bump on the last day, bumping Jesus M2 just round Ditton corner. With a strong, rapid start, we quickly gained one whistle and built up momentum to gain another half a length coming into the gut. We were overlapping coming round Grassy, however had to fight a little harder to secure the bump as Jesus fought back. Regaining three whistles past the Plough, we heard the sweet sound of the bell just around Ditton. It was a bump that was well and truly earnt!
W2Tuesday: Bumped St Catharine’s II
W2 got their bumps campaign off to the perfect start, bumping St Catz W2 in less than 30 strokes! With 8 members of the crew competing in their first bumps (including our cox – who handled the entire situation incredibly well despite the chaos!), it was a fantastic introduction to the thrill of bumping. They are chasing St Edmunds tomorrow.

Wednesday: Rowed Over
W2 made it through a tough day with a really gutsy row over. Holding off St Catz with ease, despite another really impressive start St Edmunds W1 proved just out of reach. They will get another chance to chase them down on Friday!

Friday: Rowed Over
Pembroke W2 built on their strong start earlier in the week with another solid row over. Despite awful conditions, with many of the crew remarking their hands were frozen to their blades, W2 maintained a strong rhythm throughout, just missing out on bumping St Edmunds but were under no threat at any point from boats further down the division. They chase Maggie W2 tomorrow.

Saturday: Rowed Over
W2 battled strong winds to make it to an impressive 3rd row over, meaning they finish their bumps campaign on +1, following that spectacular bump on day 1. The W2 mentality of battling through to the end was on full display, and all the girls can be incredibly proud of their efforts this term.
M3Tuesday: Bumped Darwin II
M3 also had a great first day, bumping Darwin M2 in the gut. After a quick start, where they gained one whistle (in less than 30 seconds)!!, a crab out of nowhere caused the boat to grind to a halt. Nevertheless, M3 picked it back up and managed to avoid Magdalene M3 who were snapping at their heels from behind. Over the next couple of minutes they gained gradually on Darwin, and a well earned bump sets them up well for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: Bumped Selwyn II
Another good day for M3, who today were chasing Selwyn 2. A strong start, followed by an even stronger rhythm call allowed them to make up ground very quickly on Selwyn, with the bump over and done with in about a minute. Now they are chasing Downing 3.

Thursday: Rowed Over
An unlucky day for M3, as they missed out on the bump by a fraction. They made early gains on downing M3, and were on 2 whistles by the gut. However, Downing were also gaining on Wolfson M2, and just managed to bump them before Pembroke secured the bump. A solid row over today sets them up well for Saturday, where they will be chasing Wolfson M2.

Saturday: Bumped Wolfson II
M3 were determined to finish their week on a high, as they chased Wolfson M2. After the disappointment of thursdays row over, the crew picked themselves back up and started strongly, making huge gains on Wolfson up First Post reach, eventually bumping them on first post corner. Up three is the best result a Pembroke third Lents boat has had in a long time, and the crew should be really proud of what they have achieved this term!

Lent Bumps 2018 Reports

Men’s Crews
Division Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total
M1 Rest Cancelled Cancelled +0 +1 +1
M2 -1 Rest Cancelled +0 +1 +0
M3 -1 -1 Cancelled Rest +0 -2
Women’s Crews
Division Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Total
W1 Rest Cancelled Cancelled +0 +1 +1
W2 -1 Rest Cancelled -1 -1 -3
W3 +0 +0 Cancelled Rest +1 +1


M1 Wednesday. Race cancelled

Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.

Thursday.  Race cancelled.

Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.

Friday. Row over.

Pembroke M1 had a flying start, hitting a powerful rate 49. We quickly moved on Caius and gained our first whistle half way down First Post Reach. Knowing Caius was fast approaching Jesus, we pushed hard into the gut but unfortunately, Caius secured the bump. With nothing to lose, we decided to go for the over bump on Downing. We progressed well past the plough and took a tight line around Ditton which brought us under 4 lengths away. We maintained a lively rhythm down the reach and kept gaining inch by inch. With 500m to go, we went up 4 pips and managed to fight our way to under a length away as we crossed the line.

Saturday. Bumped Jesus I.

W1 Wednesday. Race cancelled
Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.Thursday.  Race cancelled.Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.Friday. Row over.We took off with a strong start, pulling away from Churchill behind and rapidly gaining on Maggie in front, coming within half a length before first post corner. However, Maggie caught Girton just at the corner before we had a chance to bump them, and we had to wind it down to let Maggie and Girton clear. Despite our slowing, Churchill didn’t gain much, and we wound it back up to race pace for the rest of the course – resulting in a solid row-over finishing at least four lengths ahead of Churchill.Saturday. Bumped Girton I.
M2 Tuesday. Bumped by Hughes Hall I.

M2 had a spirited start on the first day of the Lents campaign. We knew that we had strong competition chasing us and unfinished business from previous years ahead, but the row got off to a good start. Once we settled into our racing rhythm, we got one whistle on Sidney Sussex ahead. At this point our rowing could have been cleaner and we could have really started to grind them down on the Plough Reach. Though our hearts were in it, Sidney soon caught Queens’ M2 ahead of them and Hughes Hall began to creep up on us quite quickly as we approached the top of the reach. Some ‘up-2’ calls sadly resulted in us being caught roughly a third of the way down the Reach. However, the boat is in good shape, we’ve learned our lesson and we will give everything we’ve got tomorrow!

Thursday.  Race cancelled.

Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.

Friday. Row over.

Saturday. Bumped Queens II.

W2 Tuesday. Bumped by Wolfson I.

Pembroke W2 set off with a solid start today and gained on Newnham W2. They rowed well with much composure and power, but despite the strong performance and good spirit from the crew, a fast Wolfson W1 made a push and caught us at First Post Reach. Having had the first taste of bumps for most of the crew, they are hopeful for a strong row over on Thursday.

Thursday.  Race cancelled.

Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.

Friday. Bumped by LMBC II.

After much uncertainty in racing due to poor weather conditions, Pembroke W2 set off with a smooth start today. Hungry for a revenge bump, we gained slightly on Wolfson I in front of us but they held us off just over a length as we rowed through the course. Meanwhile, Lady Margaret II, being chased closely by the boat behind them, embarked on a burst into the gut, which caught Pembroke off guard and gave Lady Margaret a bump. We are determined to translate the power and commitment seen in the boat today into a successful row tomorrow.

Saturday. Bumped by Hughes Hall I

M3 Tuesday. Bumped by Trinity Hall III.

Contrary to the false claims of Varsity, Pembroke M3 has not been scratched from Lents, though a disappointing start to the campaign after a late illness necessitated conceding a technical bump for day 1. We’ll be back strong tomorrow, on the chase.

Wednesday. Bumped by Hughes Hall II.

M3, though braving the cold, were unfortunately bumped following a series of untimely crabs coming down the A14 reach. Prior to this they made rapid gains on Trinity Hall.

Thursday.  Race cancelled.

Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.

Saturday. Row over.

W3 Tuesday. Row over.
After a very promising start off the line, W3 were quite unlucky – a crab 2 boats ahead caused an early bump out ahead, and another bump cleared out the division. Despite the carnage, they had a very strong row over and are excited to continue the campaign tomorrow.Wednesday. Row over. W3 rowed well today, completely committing to their race. Despite their best efforts to bump, (in terrible conditions!) they rowed over behind a strong Homerton II crew.Thursday.  Race cancelled.Race cancelled over snow and ice on the towpath.Saturday. Bumped Homerton II.

Lent Bumps 2016 – Reports

Men’s Crews
M1 +1 +1 +0 +0 +2
M2 +0 -1 -1 -1 -3
M3 +0 +1 +1 +1 +3
Women’s Crews
W1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +4
W2 +1 +1 +0 +1 +3
M1 Wednesday. Bumped Queen’s M1! M1 set out for a powerful start, knowing some very competent crews lay behind them. It was a plan well executed with an aggressive first 15 strokes yielding our first whistle on Queens in front. Maintaining this pace with some clean rowing down into first post corner, we flustered our opposition, with the 2nd and 3rd whistles coming in quick succession. Coming into the gut, Kev’s dinner bell came out and despite some scrappiness as the water kicked up off their puddles, we eventually got the bump just short of Grassy. A very pleasing first day – onwards and upwards!
Thursday. Bumped Jesus M1! For M1, the plan was the same as on day 1 – start powerfully and try to rattle Jesus, whom we knew would provide stern resistance. Once again, all went to plan, settling down onto 40 off the start and getting the first whistle 10 strokes before first post corner. We maintained the punchy rhythm round the bend and were rewarded with our second and third whistles. Once into the gut, the crew did well to remain composed into the final strokes, with the bump coming just before grassy. Tough challenges lie ahead but a fantastic day on the river.
Friday. Row Over. M1 had a big challenge on their hands today, chasing Downing, who had been the crew to beat for most of the term. However, we planned to take just the same tactics to them as we had to Jesus and Queens on days 1 and 2. We attacked hard off the start and took this powerful rhythm into first post corner. Some good steering from Dom meant that we got a whistle just as we came into the gut. Spurred on by this, we pushed on, but so did Downing. This battle would continue all the way to the end of the course, holding them at 1 length until the pink house, finishing 2 lengths behind. We gave a strong showing today to row over in style. Tomorrow we have one last crack at Downing and that 2nd spot – here we go.
Saturday. Row Over. The final day and one last roll of the dice against Downing and a 2nd place on the river. We set off with venom, taking a small early lead, and pursued them harder and faster than we had on Friday. A whistle came at Grassy and we kicked on, pushing them to 3/4 of a length outside the plough, with LMBC well back. At Ditton, we went for one big push to reel Downing in. Unfortunately, our punch failed to land. Down the reach, they started to slip away and Maggie slowly started creeping back into view. As we tired from our early efforts, Maggie got to a length at the railway bridge and half a length at the P&E. However, firm in the knowledge we would be denying them their blades, we found the strength to hold them off to the line. M1 finished up 2 to 3rd on the river – a fantastic performance from an often unfancied crew.
W1 Wednesday. Bumped Caius W1! After a hard-core pep talk by Mays veteran Charlie Chorley, W1 had a confident, assured row up to the start. With St Catz behind and Caius in front, we were looking for a strong start and to see where the race went after that. A strong start is exactly what we got, and we flew up on Caius immediately (who had not been so fortunate with their start, and had set off at 45 degrees to the bank). The first whistle came halfway down First Post reach, and the crew responded with a calculated fury, keeping a technical stroke and big power through the legs. Two whistles came on the approach to the corner, with three arriving in what seemed like only a couple of strokes. The moment was there, and we seized it. Halfway round First Post corner, we took the rate up two and charged. Caius were dead in the water. After the Caius cox took a blade to the back from Fran at 2, Caius made the concession just coming into the gut. A textbook start to the Lents, with a lot of excitement still to come!
Thursday. Bumped Murray Edward W1! Today was the grudge match. Last year W1 spent two days right on the tail of Murray Edwards, only to let them slip away. Not this year. Another strong start led to the first whistle on First Post Reach, with the second coming into the corner. We got a little overexcited and lost the shape at the finish, but a solid push coming out of Grassy took it up to three whistles. Our time had come. A perfectly executed bumping twenty saw Medwards off right outside the Plough. Justice is done.
Friday. Bumped Queens’ W1! W1 got off to a slightly more tense start than usual, but soon got into their stride and the whistles started to come in once more. By the time we hit First Post Corner we had drawn the third whistle, and from there a now well-practised bumping twenty saw Queens’ topple through the gut. We particularly enjoyed having PCBC President Sir Richard Dearlove on the bank in support! Saturday will most likely be the toughest day of the campaign, but with the momentum we’ve built up over the last few days, we’ll be going in calm, confident, and committed.
Video from Queens’
Saturday. Bumped First and Third W1! W1 came out today ready to row their own race. We set out with the powerful start we’d come to expect, and when the first whistle came halfway down First Post Reach we knew we had it in us. When the three whistles came into the gut we had a nervy start to our bumping twenty, but we came together for a clinical finish to an absolutely amazing row! BLADES FOR W1!!! Now off for the final outing of the week; a lot of champagne, and a magnificent BCD to come!
M2 Tuesday. Row Over. Good result for a the second men, five of whom powered through their first row over for their bumps debuts. A good first corner from Gina kept us on station with Sidney M1. Pushing off Christ’s M2 until they were bumped in the Gut, but Sidney started to creep away as they chased the boat in front. Striding down on the reach to a sustainable race to begin recovery for Thursday, M2 have banished the first day nerves and plan to come back even stronger on Thursday.
Thursday. Bumped by Clare M2. With another change to M2’s lineup, Sidney Sussex still ahead, and Clare II chasing hard, Day 2 was set to be tough from the outset. M2 rowed a powerful start and showed real grit in pushing off Clare as they got one, two, three whistles on the Pembroke boys. In the end, Clare got the bump on First Post Corner.
Not to be phased, M2 are staying tall, ready to give Clare a good fight on the penultimate day tomorrow.
Friday. Bumped by St. Edmund’s M1. Starting the day in an impossible position between a rising M1 boat and the Clare boat that bumped them yesterday, M2 were unperturbed. A strong start and some chunky rowing saw them fighting off St Edmunds M1 and pushing Clare to within half a length before eventually being bumped on First Post Reach.
Saturday. Bumped by Christ’s M2. Rowing in a scratch crew yet again, M2 nevertheless rowed valiantly on Saturday. With a strong start, M2 gained on St Ed’s after they caught a crab. Unfortunately, Emma caught up with them at First Post and they were bumped. M2 have moved down three places this week, and have lost their place in Division 2. This demonstrates that despite hard work, commitment, and a level of keenness outshining even M1, injury and sickness can leave a crew devastated.
W2 Tuesday. Bumped LMBC W2! W2 are off to a flying start this bumps, having caught Maggie W2 outside the plough today. A strong start set them off well, and they had 1 whistle by 1st post corner. Despite newnham gaining from behind, W2 pushed back and a fabulous line from Tom round grassy saw them move up to three whistles, and then the bell on plough reach. Maggie were stubborn but Pembroke did not give up – resulting in the Maggie stroke crabbing and thus the bump. Congratulations all round, especially given that we had 6 first timers in the boat, including Tom. Very proud coaching team!
Thursday. Bumped Christ’s W2! An incredible effort from the girls today saw them bumping well before first post corner. Expecting a big push from Maggie W2 behind, the girls gunned it out of the starting blocks and were very quickly onto a whistle. From there, it was a simple case of reeling them in, well done and well deserved! Tomorrow will be a tougher challenge but much faith!
Friday. Row over. A strong start from W2 today saw them up to 1 whistle on Darwin w1 by the end of newnham reach. Unfortunately Darwin were chasing a much slower Sidney crew, and bumped them out just before Grassy, with W2 about a 1/4 of a length behind at this point. A strong rowover, but much determination to bump Sidney tomorrow – we will also be watching our backs for Robinson W1 behind!
Saturday. Bumped Sidney Sussex W1! W2 set off on saturday knowing they had a very fast robinson crew behind. However, their strongest start yet saw them gain 1 whistle on Sidney W1 about 30m after the motorway bridge, and they did not hang around in finishing off the job, bumping about 100m after the motorway bridge, Up 3 in total, an ecstatic happy team!
M3 Tuesday. Row Over. Despite a draw resulting in a first day racing between two M2 boats, M3 rowed up to the start unperturbed. An aggressive start and a poor line from a chasing crew kept M3 in station with the crew in front and comfortably leading the chasing crew. However, with two early bumps in quick succession either side, M3 were soon left with an empty river and an easy row over.
Wednesday. Bumped Queens’ M4! M3 began the day with one mantra – bump, or be bumped by the turbo charged Jesus crew behind them. Sure enough, whistles were soon blaring from either side and it was just a question of which boat could finish it first. With overlap on both sides coming into First Post corner, a stunning display of composure sealed the bump for M3 along with a much stronger position for the races to come.
Thursday. Bumped Caius M3! A new day and practically a new boat, as M3 pulled out all the stops for some of the best pieces of rowing they have ever done. A clean start saw M3 quickly pull away from Queens’ and rapidly gain whistles on Caius, with more soon following for a decisive bump before First Post corner.
Saturday. Bumped Trinity Hall M3! M3 were in no mood to mess around today. After a strong row down, we had closed Tit Hall M3 to 3/4 of a length before our boatman could catch up on his bike. From there it was not even clear which whistles were which as we closed down rapidly, bumping out less than 10 strokes after the motorway bridge. In the end, M3 are up 3 – congratulations on a fantastic Lents campaign!

W2 Bumps LMBC!

W2 Bumps LMBC!

M2 Row Over

M2 Row Over

M3 Row Over

M3 Row Over

Lent Bumps 2015 – Results

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2015


Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 0 -1 0
M2 0 +1 0 +1 +2
W1 0 0 0 +1 +1
W2 0 +1 +1 +1 +3

Lent Bumps 2014 – Reports

Pembroke College Boat Club

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Lent Bumps 2014

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Men’s Crews Women’s Crews
M1 +1 0 +1 +1 +3
M2 -1 -1 -1 0 -3
M3 +1 0 0 +1 +2
W1 -3 -1 -1 -1 -6
W2 +1 0 -1 -1 -1

Race photos and videos: Spanner Spotter (slow-motion footage).
Other results services: CUCBC and FaT

Pembroke’s Race Reports


Wednesday: 7th – Bumped up on Peterhouse M1

Pembroke M1 had a strong first day of bumps, bumping up on Peterhouse to 7th on the river. Lent
term got off to a great start with our training camp in Seville with our coach, Alan Marron, which
I’m sure the crew were feeling the advantage of as we lined up at the start today. We came to the
race knowing that we were strong enough to get the job done, and the importance of keeping the
length in the stroke and rowing our own race. Both Christ’s, who were chasing us, and Peterhouse,
had strong starts, however we knew this would happen and were prepared mentally for it. Although
Christ’s moved up on us on first post reach, once we got into our stride and settled to our race pace,
they fell away and we began to move up on Peterhouse. By first post corner we were a length off
Peterhouse, and by grassy corner we had two whistles on them. At this point, it was important for
the crew, rowing in wash, to stay relaxed and get the catches in together. With this in mind, we
moved up on Peterhouse on plough reach and had overlap by Ditton corner. Peterhouse took a wide
line around Ditton in order to avoid us, and a tighter line round Ditton gave us the racing line with no
wash to row in. Within a few seconds we were level with them, and the bump was awarded by the
Umpire for safety reasons. This was an encouraging start to M1’s bumps campaign, and we hope we
can continue this success over the next 3 days.

Mairi Innes – M1 Cox

Thursday: Rowed over 7th

Today was a somewhat lonely affair; the noise of the cannons at our new station under the Motorway bridge was about as exciting as it got. Jesus bumped Queens’ and Maggie caught FaT
ahead of us, both on First Post corner, making it very tight through the gut. Some excellent lines
from Mairi kept us out of trouble but, with all the excitement around us, the rowing became a bit
scrappy coming round grassy and down plough reach; eyes perhaps gazed to the inevitable bump on
Peterhouse by Christs going on behind us. This eventually happened around Ditton corner leaving
us clear of all boats ahead and behind us to cruise down the reach at rate 36. With Caius ahead of
us having already finished and Girton due to end at the bottom finish the critical call came for a
power 10 off the railway bridge. This was met with some confusion and we paddled over the line
wondering what the fuss of bumps was all about. All in all a job well done and on to tomorrow.

Theo Clark – M1

Friday: 6th – Bumped up on First & Third M1

A focused row up to the start was an encouraging prelude to today’s racing for Pembroke M1. As we waited for the starting cannon, we knew that entering our strong rhythm quickly will be essential for the execution of our race plan. A fast start from Christ’s was well anticipated, and good length and power off the stride allowed us to put distance between us and Christ’s early on despite a mystifying air stroke from six-man off the start. First and Third put in a creditable performance, making a push on First Post Reach which took them back to within station after our early gains. However, our relentless rhythm and a tidy racing line from Mairi allowed us to move up on FaT quickly through First Post Corner and the Gut. As we entered Grassy, the wash became pronounced as we closed to within half a length, but focus was maintained well despite the difficult water. First and Third made a final push, holding us off until slightly after Grassy Corner. Thereafter the bump was a matter of strokes. The race today showed that we can continue to make improvements between races, while our demonstrated ability to quickly settle into our strong rhythm leaves us in an encouraging position ahead of the final day of Lents.

Tom Zawisza – M1

Saturday: 5th – Bumped up on Queens M1

After the third day bump on FaT we knew that getting Queens’ was attainable. Our coach, Alan, said that going up just two wouldn’t be reaching our full potential. But we also knew that they would fight for it, and wouldn’t make it easy. Since day one, we’d been focussing on the transition from the start sequence to race pace – the Stride or Shift. In the days before we’d been lengthening out but only dropping to 39, and it wasn’t until a couple of corners later that we hit our long fast 36. Everyone in the boat felt that if we could hit that earlier, then the length we could get would give us better speed than the extra rate would, but getting the whole boat there naturally was proving tough. So with this in mind, and a new set of calls for Mairi on the shift, we lined up at station 6, just outside the outflow.

A straight push off, and a good start gained us 1/4 of a length on Queens’ before first post corner. At the shift we pressed out the length to a steadier rhythm and higher speed than we had previously, the boat really felt like it was cruising. As we added pressure for ten into the first corner, and Queen’s rudder came on, we moved up to half a length within station.

One whistle.

Following up with another ten as we came out of the corner meant we kept the gain moving into the gut with a boat length between us. We started to feel the dirty water and they held us at a length in the gut. Grassy corner upon us we started to walk up on Queens’. Seat by seat we took them. We saw Christ’s bump out with FaT behind us, but the focus remained in our boat.

Two whistles.

Now we could hear the boat behind us as we closed in. But nothing changed in our rowing, and the gap narrowed as we ticked the boat along plough reach. Then a wall of noise drowned out everything else, screams for Pembroke, Queens’ and God knows who else thickening the air.

Three whistles.

The gap at 1/4 of a length, we felt the steady, rhythmic wash from behind us that we’d felt on the first day behind Peterhouse and the day before behind FaT. The boat rocked beneath us, but we kept loose, relaxed and long, taking the final seat from them as the rudder came on for Ditton

The Bell.

With overlap we took the corner and as we were straightening out for the Long Reach we bumped them. Talking about it afterwards, Tony in the bow seat said he really felt the bump, and Mairi at the other end said she felt a satisfying impact. Somehow though in the 4 seat I didn’t, and must have taken at least two extra strokes before I realised what had happened.

Ryan in the stroke seat said that he was almost disappointed to have finished at that point, having geared up to squeeze on the reach. I think that’s really a reflection of how we all felt – while we’d been pushing it hard, we could have kept up that same pace for the whole course if the race had been longer.

A great race, and a fantastic end to a successful Lents campaign. It really has been a privilege to Captain this boat for PCBC, and I completely put that down to the commitment of the guys who’ve made it easy for me.

Bring on the Mays! Let’s see what we can do!

Archie Wood – Men’s Captain


Wednesday: 9th – Overbumped by Clare W1

W1 started just in front of the bridge in 6th position, chasing Christ’s and being chased by Newnham. The cannon’s went off and we were away – the start wasn’t our best but settled into a good solid, rhythm. Around the Plough Newnham were bumped by Cauis. Along the reach Clare were gaining on us – there were some great pushes but unfortunately, literally 100ms from the end, Clare caught us. Day two is a new day and with both W1 and W2 chasing Newnham we’ll be giving it everything!

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Thursday: Bumped by St Catharines W1

W1 had a good, strong start which saw us begin to gain on Newnham and leave behind Cats. Cats had a wobbly start but got it together and unfortunately gained on us. We became a little panicked and tight in the upper body and were caught on first post corner. We’ve reflected on the problem of today and are determined to change our luck tomorrow.

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain

Friday: 11th – Bumped by Queens W1



Tuesday: Bumped by Darwin M1

Regardless of the result, Day 1 was a gutsy & determined row for M2. After a rapid start, they began to gain on Wolfson.

From my vantage point on the bank, I witnessed two bumps in that division; the first, unfortunately, was Wolfson on Christs M2, who put up about as much resistance as a superconducting wire (physics joke there), effectively rolling onto their backs and giving Wolfson an exit (I imagine they were relieved to no longer be tussling with the mighty Pembroke men). As they cleared the river coxswain Helena Roy surgically picked the best line through the carnage.
The second was Darwin M1 on my own own M2; they closed in during the gut, but by a combination of skill & grit Pembroke managed to keep them at bay until the Plough reach. Pembroke started to pull away at a number of points, in the end the bump was awarded to Darwin as their bowball passed the coxes seat.

It was not a shameful bump; my boys are surrounded by first boats, and they proved that that’s where they belong. Christs did not.
Darwin brushed our stern yesterday, tomorrow we will SMASH theirs…

Tom Hoier – Men’s Vice-Captain

Thursday: 16th – Bumped by Corpus M1

Having rowed first day nerves out of our legs and keen to bump back on Darwin, M2 put in a much better performance today. The rowing was such an improvement from the previous day – more composed, cleaner, more powerful and more efficient. We were quick off the mark for our best start yet – rating 40 before settling down to a more sustainable 36 after 30 strokes. The Corpus M1 boat was chasing us and relentlessly pulled closer but we kept our nerve and some neat steering and calls (‘Defend the river!’) from cox Helena Roy saw us close Darwin to a length. Alas, just a day too late, as Corpus managed to catch us just after Grassy corner. To have rowed faster than the crew that previously caught us was a large boost if slightly disappointing that we hadn’t managed to hold Darwin off yesterday.
Another determined row from the boys, and such an improvement on yesterday. To make up water on Darwin shows that we were matching the M1 crews surrounding us and that we have the potential to bump up and row over in a difficult division.

Thayne Forbes – M2

Friday: 17th – Bumped by St. Edmund’s M1







Tuesday: Bumped up on 1st and 3rd W2

There were nervous faces at the start from the whole crew, as they awaited their first taste of bumps. The cannons didn’t seem to calm the nerves.

W2 had a smooth, fast start and were flying the whole way to the motorway bridge. There was an early bump behind them of Corpus W1 on St Edmunds W1, who didn’t gain any distance. They proceeded to hold station on FaT W2 round first post and through the gut. Some nice coxing from James saw them starting to edge up on FaT round Grassy. It wasn’t till after Ditton that they really started to gain though. As the whistles started to come faster, the girls really picked up the boat as a crew and moved it on. They chased them almost the whole way down the reach, making the bump by the white house. Just in the nick of time!

An excellent start to the bumps campaign. ROW ON PCBC!

Catherine Vincent – Women’s Vice-Captain

Thursday: Rowed over 14th

W2 were still hyped off the bump on Tuesday and we had Newnham in our sights. The start was strong and we got settled and moving quickly. A number of crews bumped out before Grassy,
including FaT who were chasing us being bumped by Corpus, so the river cleared quite early.
However, this did mean we didn’t have quite the incentive we had on Tuesday, and Newnham were
matching us for pace so we had difficulty closing up. The lack of whistles and general noise was
noticeable; our commitment held firm and we matched Newnham round Ditton, but coming onto
the reach they began to pull away. Some impressive dedication meant that we saw the race through
to the end well with strong rowing right to the finish for a solid row-over. With a strong Corpus boat now chasing us, we finished the day with even more
incentive to take Newnham down tomorrow.

James Roberts – W2 Cox

Friday: 15th – Bumped by Corpus W1



Tuesday: Bumped up on LMBC M4

A great first day for M3, we had a strong race, taking a length out of LMBC by first post corner. We narrowed the gap down to 1/4 of a length by grassy, and, after taking a tight line round the corner had overlap. A final push out of the corner was all that was needed, and soon resulted in a bump. A fantastic start to the week, and fingers crossed for more bumps to come.

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Wednesday: Rowed over 3rd in Div 4

We had been hoping to catch Magdalene today, however a slight wobble of the crustacean kind off of the start left us 3/4 of a length off station. There was some real determination shown throughout the race, and we pulled back to being on station, but unfortunately were unable to catch them over the very short distance we were racing (M4 division finishes at the railings, so it’s only 1k or so!). A good start on Friday should set us up well for the chase, whilst we’ll have Wolfson M2 to push off of behind us for extra motivation!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox

Friday: Rowed over 3rd in Div 4


Izzy Stone – M3 Cox