Pembroke College Boat Club proudly sponsored by: May Bumps 2010 – Results Click a face to go to the race report, if available. M1 +3 W1 Head M2 +5 W2 […]
Report by Chris and Chris Result: 2nd placed Novice VIII, 20th overall in Head 3. Training | The River Corrib | Another Disaster?! | Saturday: Race Day | Race Over: […]
PCBC W1 and W2 both competed in this year’s women’s eights head, raced on the Tideway course down in London. After last year’s 105th place (amongst 300 British and international […]
Day 1 M2 Tuesday – Bumped Darwin I Given the usual pre-Bumps anxieties, this was a gem of a race to start off the campaign! We’d hardly seen the Darwin […]
Well done to all the PCBC crews who raced in the Faribairns Cup the past Thursday and Friday. The Results are: Women’s 1st VIII: 8th fastest college boat (12th overall), […]