Winter Head to Head 2023

Published by El Stiles on

On Saturday the 21st of January, PCBC took to our first races of 2023, Winter Head to Head.

M1 rowed well with power behind every stroke, but with Head-to-Head being their 2nd time together as a full crew, they could only place 11th in category – they look forward to the technical gains the term brings, and with it increased success on the river.

W1 had similarly only had one outing in their new crew, pushing hard and keeping focus throughout the race to finish 5th in category.

M2 had a great race Saturday, staying chunky through the sub-zero conditions of div 1 🥶!

W2 brought energy and enthusiasm to their first race of term. They completed the first 2k in 8:41 and the second in 9:02, finishing ahead of other W2 and some W1 boats. They’re excited to continue training and gain more speed!

M3 showed a lot of power at Winter Head finishing as the quickest third boat!