Fairbairns Cup 2022

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Fairbairn Cup 2022

W1 absolutely smashed it at Fairbairns, coming 2nd overall just 3 seconds away from 1st place. This has set the crew up for a great Lent term where they will keep up the speed both on and off Cam. Choo choo.

M1 raced with intent, but with last-minute illness they only placed 22nd out of 64 crews in the Senior Men’s VIII category – frustrated that the term’s training couldn’t be brought to fruition, they’re looking forward to tackling the new term.

W2 put in an impressive performance, finishing 4th out of all W2 crews and in front of many W1 crews. W3 pushed similarly hard, taking the racing course by storm. The results from Fairbairns is a testament to the depth of dedication and talent in the women’s/Nb side and we’re very excited to see where these crews go next!

Out of green dragon M2 caught the scent of the boat ahead, and spent the second half of the race pushing way harder than we’d intended, finishing the race in style with an overtake in the last 10 strokes. 

Our novice women put in an impressive performance, finishing in the top half of novice women’s boats, despite having only rowed together as a full crew once before. Going into Lent term, we can’t wait to see what our novice women have in store as they move into Seniors rowing.

The finale to the novice term saw both NM boats have excellent success! NM1 came 6th overall with a time of 10:14 giving them an average split of 1:53 per 500m. NM2 came 8th out of the novice 2nd boats with a time of 11:45. It was an incredible finish to the term and showed how much every single member of the novice crews had improved. PCBC is super excited for how this keen batch of novices will get on over the coming year with the commitment and strength they have already shown.

We also had our alumni crews race at Fairbairns this year, with PCBC entering both a Men’s 4+ and a Women’s 4+. The men, in particular, came together well and were the

2nd fastest alumni boat.