Winter Head 2022

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Winter Head 2022

W1 had a very good race in winter head and came 5th out of 28, with only 13 seconds separating 1st and 5th – Onwards and Upwards!

W2 put down some power, achieving an impressive finishing position of 6th out of the W2 and W3 category. After initially being mis-timed at 15 minutes, their finishing time was 11.07. They’re in a strong position for Fairbairns and are eager to improve their ranking further.

In W3’s first race as a crew, they faced some pretty rough conditions, but rowed well together. They’re looking forward to racing Fairbairns.

M1 gave it their all at the front of the division, pushing off the crews behind to finish 5th in category, with a time of 8:55.8 – an encouraging result that sets them up well for the rest of the year!

M2 decided the tideway crew in front of them weren’t welcome on the cam, and spent first post corner and the entire gut repeated clashing blades with them until finally pulling away to finish 2nd in their category (by only 9 seconds).

Our NM1 kicked off their on water racing with an assortment of colourful bucket hats, and a good sprinkling of chat. They really took free speed to heart. Pushing it hard they finished in 10:33 overtaking Kings College London novices along the way  chanting as they did so. Special mention to Lauren in her first race, who did brilliantly, hitting the racing line like she was born to.