M1 are continuing to put in a large volume of training despite the recent flooding and stormy conditions making the Cam unrowable for a significant number of days. This has meant land training has featured more heavily in the last week’s training. M1 were glad to welcome back Rich Johnson as an alumni coach this Tuesday morning.

Archie Wood – Men’s Captain


The river has really risen over the last week unfortunately mean its been red all weekend and soon Kev’s office might be flooded! We’ve been on the ergs rather than on the water but fingers crossed the waters recede this week so can do some real rowing and Pembroke Regatta isn’t cancelled!

Ery Hughes – Women’s Captain


M2 have coped particularly well with the bad weather over the past week, keeping their fitness up on the ergs (even volunteering for extra sessions!). Despite not being out on the water for over a week, this morning’s outing was very positive and we are confident going into tomorrow’s race.

Newnham Short Course was a competent row; despite the hazardous conditions! Very well called and steered my Helena and good commitment from all crew members. The real story, however, is the sparring with Caius M2: holding steady in the face of the once mighty Caius, Pembroke M2 really focused and pulled together to keep them at bay (they didn’t panic and fall apart as soon as they were ‘racing’, a very positive sign at this stage).

Tom Hoier – Men’s Vice Captain


W2’s second race of term was Newnham Short Course last Saturday. Despite the horrendous conditions, they battled on, demonstrating some very gutsy rowing. The result was that they came 5th out of 8 W2s. Given there was a sub on board, this was pretty encouraging.

Unfortunately since the race, the river has been yellow flagged, preventing any further outings. Plenty of time has been put in on the ergs and doing core exercises. However we are hopeful for some water time again soon, as this is really what the crew needs. Pembroke Regatta will be the next race, weather permitting!

Catherine Vincent – Women’s Vice Captain

Men’s Lower Boats

Unfortunately due to the bad weather, M3 hasn’t been able to get out much the past week or so! We did manage to get an outing this Wednesday as the Green Flag had finally been raised again, so we spent a good amount of time practising our starts in preparation for Pembroke Regatta this weekend. Next Friday is the Getting-on race for Lents, so fingers crossed for better weather and more outings next week than we managed this week!

Izzy Stone – M3 Cox


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