Training Camp 2012: in-quad-ible!

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The PCBC returned early to Cambridge this January for a head-start to the Lent Bumps 2012 campaign.

The Club recognises the outstanding support of the following Alumni and friends of the PCBC, who gave of their time and expertise:
Geoff Zeidler, Chris Bryan, Peter Dickson, Bill Edgerley, Anthony Finbow, Jon Garner, Paul Lyristis, George Savage, Matthew Stallard and Russell Thornton.


Did you make a New Year’s resolution to get more exercise?  The 38 participants of PCBC’s Lent Training Camp certainly did!

Four crews followed a packed schedule on the water, in the erg room, and on their yoga mats, driven by the aim of beating off competition from the other Pembroke boats in the week’s climactic 2x 2km Head race.  Racing on the water is always fiercely competitive, particularly when against other Pembroke crews, so in the build-up to Friday’s pieces there was evidence of real determination and a noticeable improvement in technique.

It was also an opportunity to meet some faces from Pembroke 1st boats in years past, with water coaching brought together by a team of Alumni keen to maximise our crews’ performance in the run up to the Lent Bumps.  The Old Boys proved a force to be reckoned with as a quiz team too, finishing in 3rd place just 2 points behind the winners – their downfall must have been the music round.

The addition of a four-man (quad) sculling boat to Pembroke’s fleet for the first time meant this was also a chance to try something new.  Demanding a different technique and lots of coordination, the quad provided an enjoyable challenge and has prompted many to take up sculling alongside their traditional sweep rowing sessions.

Conditions for the race were near-perfect, with barely another crew on the course and very little wind.  The men’s novice crew turned this to their advantage, and produced the winning time (after adjustment was made for their relative inexperience).  As with all well-earned victories, this was celebrated liberally at the Club’s final night social in the Mahal…

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